Wednesday, May 13, 2015


I am loving the MTC! It feels so natural to be here for some reason. I feel like I have always been a missionary and then I remember that I just got here last week haha. I am having so much fun and learning so much!

My companion is the delightful Sister Conrad. We were seriously meant to be together. At first, I thought she was going to be really serious and that I wouldn't be able to be silly around her, but I was wrong. She is just as weird as me! We crack each other up. I have also learned so much from her. I love teaching with Sister Conrad. I am so blessed to have her as my first companion! Side note: I accidentally call her Lauren about once a day. No, Lauren is not her first name. However it is my brain's first instinct because I immediately associated Conrad with Lauren Conrad.... Whoops.

Sister Conrad and Sister Froemming

And guess what?! My district has 4 elders going to Australia (3 going to Brisbane and 1 going to Sydney North) and then the three other girls in my district (including my comp) are all going to the West Indies! Sister Conrad was so excited when I told her my mom was from Port of Spain because that's where the mission home is. We talk about Trinidad all the time and what the food will be like for them. It's so cool because our teacher told us that there are other people going to Australia and the West Indies in the MTC but they felt prompted to put all of us together. Everyone in my district is wonderful! We are all so different and weird and I absolutely love it. We have bonded so much. We are already planning district reunions.

(Travel Plans)

So on Friday, WE GOT OUR TRAVEL PLANS! I leave on the 18th at 5:30 PM and arrive in Aussie on the 20th at 8:30 AM. Sounds fun right? I'm so excited! I was almost positive that I would have to wait in the MTC for a while, but I'm going to be out in the field after only 12 days in the MTC! We all got SO excited when our plans came!

I have learned so much since I got here. The Lord has humbled and humbled and humbled me. I love it! I have learned so much about how to teach people.I think the most valuable thing I've learned though is just that when your focused on others and putting your trust in Heavenly Father, you can't fail. I have become so much more in tune with the spirit. And I have been able to receive revelation for our investigators which is so humbling and amazing!  

So right now, Sister Conrad and I are teaching Johnathon, Selam (who is our teacher portraying a person she taught on her mission) and Jamie. Our first lesson was with Selam. We were pretty nervous but we really tried to focus on the spirit and it went really well! As we were teaching Selam, we both totally forgot it was our teacher and felt so much love for her. A little about Selam: she is from Ethiopia, she has a lot of faith, and she lost her mom to cancer. We went in the lesson planning to teach her the restoration but we both felt like we should teach her the Plan of Salvation. As we were teaching, I felt prompted to testify to Selam that her mom is still alive and that she will see her again one day. As I did that, I actually started to tear up. I was really surprised that at how much love I had for Selam even though I was looking at my teacher, Sister Gibson. That experience made me so excited to meet the people who the Lord is preparing in Australia! We taught Johnathon and Jamie yesterday too. They are TRC investigators which means we go meet with them in a room in the TRC building and we have no idea who they are or if they are members or not. We have learned so much just from teaching them once. I am so happy I am getting this experience and learning the lessons that I need to learn here in the MTC rather than in the mission field. I'm so excited every time we get to teach!

The MTC is a wonderful place! The spirit is crazy strong here. I can feel the Lord refining me as I learn more and more how to fully put my trust in Him. I feel so lucky to be on the Lord's errand. I can feel that Heavenly Father is aware of me more than I ever have before.

"If you spend 20 minutes a day with the Savior of this world in scripture study, you will spend eternity in His presence." - Steven R. Covey (His granddaughter is in my district and she shared this quote with us and I loved it.) I have seen so much peace in all this craziness as I'm adjusting to missionary life by spending that time in the scriptures. I hope all of you are making it a priority in your life as well! 

I love and care about you all so much! 

P.S. I don't have everyone's email, so if you could forward this to people you know would like to see it, that would be great!

Sister Froemming

P.S.S. It took everyone THREE DAYS to learn how to say my name. And last night Sister Conrad called me Sister Froemire for some reason lol. We laughed about that one for a while. 

Excited Missionaries on their way to call their Moms

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