Monday, December 21, 2015

The Light of the Year

Bula family & friends!

I hope everyone is enjoying Christmastime! We are having a wonderful time here in Toukley! This week has been full of miracles.

I have felt the TRUE spirit of Christmas as I have read, pondered, and prayed about the Book of Mormon daily. I have become more deeply rooted in the Doctrine of Christ as I have studied His words. I know that the Book of Mormon points us towards Christ. It points us towards His Gospel. It helps us feel, understand, and apply His love in our lives. Sister Koi and I have felt and seen so much success as we have made it a goal to teach and testify of the truthfulness and power of the Book of Mormon at every opportunity. We have seen hearts softened as they have been touched by the spirit of the Book of Mormon.

Christmas is not just a time of celebration it is a time for transformation. It is not designed for us to become better for a season, it is a stepping stone for us to become more Christlike for the rest of our lives. Christmas is a time for healing, a time for discovery, a time for learning. Christmas is a time for remembrance and deepening conversion. It's a time for love and forgiveness. It's a time for us to care for others and come together. Life is hard. We all have different trials, pains, and wounds, but we all have Christmas. We all have this time of year to minister to one another, to heal, and to grow. Please view this season as an opportunity to draw closer to the Saviour, not just for a month, but for eternity. May we all find ourselves more like Christ at the end of this Christmas season.


-TRADE OFFS! I had the pleasure of going on trade offs with Sister Mapuhi, my favourite Tahitian. She is so amazing. I have never seen someone with such an intense glow in my life. I admire so many qualities about her, but I especially admire her humility. Everyone she meets just lights up around her. I was so grateful to be able to spend the day with this sister learning from her.

-THIS! Toukley is gorgeous.

-One day this week it was absolutely pouring rain. Coming down ridiculously hard. Sister Koi and I were driving and we saw a man and a little boy running in the rain with no umbrella. They were getting absolutely soaked. I pulled over, and Sister Koi and I got our umbrella out of the trunk and started chasing after them. The man was so grateful and told us that he lived just up ahead and that if we met him there that he would give us the umbrella back. After I few minutes and getting completely soaked from running in the rain, we met the man and his son by his house. He was smiling from ear to ear and he said "Thank you so much. My son said that you two must be the nicest girls in the world." We gave him a Christmas card and wished him a Merry Christmas. Unfortunately, that was all we had time to do as he ran into his house with his son to get inside from the rain. But we know we met these two for a reason. I was grateful for Heavenly Father placing people in our path and for the gift of the spirit to prompt us and give us the encouragement we need to do Heavenly Father's will.

-My two "daughters" are now companions! You all know Sister Eteaki, but do you remember Sister Nelson? I was in a trio with her for her first two weeks in the mission and every time she has seen me since she has run to me and yelled "MOTHER!". Haha, I was so happy when I found out they would be companions. So cute! They spent the night at our flat last night (they live far away and our zone went to Sydney) and they were being so annoying and making me get them blankets and food and wouldn't stop talking and I was cracking up because they literally feel like my kids. Love these sisters to death. Ofa lahi atu.

-F I A ! Haha, she made it into weekly highlights again. We took her out for the day this week and had so much fun and were able to learn so much with her.

Sister Hosea and Sister Froemming at Temple Lights
-TEMPLE LIGHTS!!!!! ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! We went to the temple and there were HEAPS of missionaries being guides and hosts. We got to greet and talk to people and show them videos about Jesus Christ and bear our testimonies and take people's pictures and almost everyone that I love was there and this is a run on sentence but I don't care I'm too happy. I saw members from Emu Plains ward, I saw Sister Hosea, I saw Elder Sribunruang, I saw Sister Salvador, I saw missionaries that I haven't seen since I started, and I met so many new people, it was amazing! It was so nice to be reunited with people and meet new people! Heaps of members were there but there were also some non-members who just wanted to see what it was all about. It was a wonderful experience!

-Our flat is DECKED out with Christmas stuff. Shout out to my mom  and the sisters I live with who love Christmas too.

-Most importantly, our investigators are doing so well. There are bright things ahead for these people. People are coming to church and keeping commitments to read the Book of Mormon. It hasn't been an easy journey for them, but we are seeing progression!

I love being a missionary. I love my Heavenly Father. I love the Saviour, Jesus Christ. I love the people of Toukley. I love Christmas and celebrating it as a missionary has been eye opening. This Christmas, please prayerfully select a gift to give to Him who gave everything for you.

Have a great week everyone! Please let me know if there's anything I can do for you!
Au lomani iko!

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