Sunday, November 13, 2016

The Best 18 Months

G'day family & friends.

Here we are. It's been 18 months. 

This mission means everything to me. The people I've loved, the message I've shared, the miracles I've seen, and the changes Christ has helped me make are too much for me to express my gratitude. 

As a missionary I have felt discouragement, I have oft times been stressed, and I have reached a state of perpetual exhaustion, I have felt the eternal weight of this work on my shoulders. I have faced, rejection, doubts, and disappointments. But I can honestly say, I have never in my life felt this much pure joy. Labouring in the work of God Himself, with the Saviour, Jesus Christ, as my guide, and the Spirit as my companion. What an honour! I am not worthy of this work, but the Lord has called and qualified me to do it. I used to think I was making a sacrifice for Him by serving, but now I'm more inclined to believe that He made a sacrifice for me by letting me be a part of the sweetest work under the heavens. 

The love that I've felt for my God, my Saviour, and my brothers and sisters has changed me to my core. The experiences I've had have sealed a sure witness of the reality of the living Son of the living God. The trials have refined me. The work has strengthened me. The love I feel for the people has softened and transformed my heart. 

The blessings of the Gospel of Jesus Christ are infinite and available to all who will come. And we must invite all to come. This is God's purpose and it needs to become ours. 

I can't believe my time to serve as a full time missionary is up in 2 short days. But I know I have no need to fear or to feel sad, because the same Saviour who got me on this mission and helped me for the last 18 months, will fly home by my side. He will continue to be my closest Friend and I will continue to labour with Him. 

I bear my witness that I know God lives. He is our Father. He hears our prayers and answers them in wisdom and love. I know our Saviour. You can know Him too. He is Jesus Christ. He has conquered all and lives this very day. I have seen Him heal and I know His Atonement is real and it is enough. I know the Gospel of Jesus Christ has been revealed by God to Prophets since the beginning and that God has never stopped reaching out to us in love. I know that Joseph Smith restored this Gospel, and that the Book of Mormon paired with the Spirit of God is tangible evidence of this. I believe in Priesthood power, temples, and families that last forever. 

Brothers and Sisters I love you and I am excited to continue to serve in this work with you.


-My last district P-day was last Monday. My district leader tore a ligament in his foot playing rugby and then was dying in pain for an hour while we waited for the mission nurse. We took turns eating, distracting him from the pain, SR & I sprinted to the store and back to by him some pain killers, we sang, and laughed a lot. It was an unforgettable pday! 

-Said goodbye to my new Grandpa Pip. He made me try to play Estonian songs to him on the piano lol. He is not a member and is the most stubborn, hilarious old man. I only had a few chances to be with the Kaimur family, but it was such a special experience to be in their home. I believe that Pip and Loris will be an eternal family one day. I know I will see them again! 

-Serving in a ward with 6 missionary companionships and another 2 working the Mandarin ward has been heaps of fun. It's been awesome to be in such a united team doing the work here in Greenwich. #EnglishClass

-The work was so awesome this week. So many great people to meet. So many miracles. I got to do some door knocking too, which was like Disney world for me. I love the people here so much! 

-Sister Ruengurai has become my little sister. It's official. There is no one else I would have rather spent these last 2 transfers with. She is a firecracker. She is a hard worker. She loves the people and they love her! So grateful to have a friend like her as my companion.

-Game night was SO fun this week. I got to see the elder's investigator from Florida again which was awesome. And it's so good to see all the missionaries, investigators, and members having fun together. 

-Sarah got a temple recommend this Sunday! She was so excited. She also started her family history and is preparing to go to the temple next week. So amazing to see her soak up the Gospel. 

-I taught Relief Society for the first time in my life. So scary but I'm so grateful to be in such a great ward.

-It's just been awesome. This whole thing. Some days were hard, some days were easy, but every day was an adventure. Every day I felt the Spirit of the Lord and got see the His work move forward. I have given my whole heart to this. I know Heavenly Father will sanctify my imperfect efforts to bless as many of His children as He can through the mission I've served. It is never over! 

I love you all so much. Thank you for all the support you have given me in different ways throughout my mission.

God be with you till we meet again.
Sister Froemming

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