Monday, July 13, 2015

Checkett out! (and other bad puns)

Hello family & friends!

I hope everyone had an amazing week!

This week was very special because I got to meet President and Sister Checketts! I did take a picture with them but neither Sister Hosea or I approve for posting. Here is a picture of the Checketts:

(He is very tall)

They are absolutely wonderful though! They are both really so inspired coming from being trained by the First Presidency and the Twelve Apostles of the Church! President's vision for the mission is "Four Times in White". He wants us to look at every single person as if they are dressed in temple white. And then to do everything we can to get them to the temple to receive saving ordinances and be with their families' forever. I am so excited for the Checketts and the inspiration and enthusiasm they will bring to ASNM! 

I've don't have much time because we're going to Blackheath to hike and maybe see some snow as a District. So we'll just go straight to Weekly Highlights!

-When Sister Hosea thought a roach was a doorbell and was this close to "ringing" it. 

-P-Day in Richmond. Art museums, stores with American candy, 5 pounds of apples for $6, mountain views, and the lovely Richmond Sisters. The best way to P-day. 

-GETTING A DANG FOURTH OF JULY BOX!!!!!! Celebrating fourth of July in Aussie was such a struggle so getting that on Tuesday made me so happy. We may, or may not have, waved the little American flags I got out of the window as we left the conference where we met The Checketts. President and Sister Checketts honked their horn and got all excited to see them wave. It was so cute. YAY AMERICA. 

-We got invited to PEC. Whoo! It was super helpful and we were able to give a lot of input. I love this ward! 

-Speaking of our ward, I met one of my new fave families. The Cranfields. Sis Hosea talks about them all the time but I hadn't got to get to know them because the last time they had us over we were on exchanges. But they had us over on Saturday and the rumors are true: they are beyond cute and so funny. They are kiwis (New Zealanders) so their accents are amazing and we got to try New Zealand fruit. Also we just laughed so much with them! Their daughter is an RM who went to England and she is so sweet and she relates to us so much. Also it was amazing because we had one of the most powerful experiences sharing a message with them! They have such beautiful, powerful testimonies of Jesus Christ and His Atonement. I felt the spirit so strongly in their home. Sweetest family ever!  

-Speaking of speaking, (lol I'm sorry for being so lame) We also got to speak in sacrament on Sunday. We got a call on Saturday night because someone dropped out last minute. So we got some last minute speaking assignments. Sis Hosea spoke on Chapter 8 of PMG and I spoke on Chapter 6. If you can tell me what those chapters are about without looking then I will send you Tim Tams (missionaries excluded). It went really well though. We are both especially grateful that if you just put in all the effort you can, you can always trust Heavenly Father to take care of the rest. 

(Tracting in Aussie for ya)

​-WE FOUND A NEW FAMILY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was such a cool experience and DEFINITELY a miracle. On Monday night during planning, I had such a strong feeling that there was someone specifically who we were supposed to find. I told Sister Hosea and she said that she had a really strong feeling we were supposed to go down a particular street and turn left. So the next day after the conference with the Checketts, we did just that and we found Patricia and her family. THEY INVITED US INSIDE!!! For the first time on my mission, someone actually invited us in (other than men where we can't/wouldn't anyways). It was amazing. We got to meet her husband, kids and Grandkids and she invited us back. I cannot stress enough how rare this is! Please keep her in your prayers.  Side note- We are meeting with Mary who is the mom of the family we met last week, tomorrow. I'm so excited to see the work progressing! Heavenly Father is truly preparing people, we just have to be willing to listen to the promptings of the Spirit. 

Well I love you all! I hope each of you are taking the time each day to plead with Heavenly Father to send you the spirit so you can be guided in everything you do. Open your heart to the promptings of the spirit and I promise you that Heavenly Father will communicate with you. We should be striving to feel the spirit all day, everyday. 

Stay close to the Lord and have a great week!

Love you HEAPS.

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