Tuesday, July 7, 2015

"Wait, isn't George Bush on Mt. Rushmore?" - Sis Hosea

Hello beautiful family & friends!

What a lovely week it has been! The work is progressing so beautifully in Emu Plains. Slowly, but steadily we are seeing the Lord refine us as missionaries and soften the hearts of those we meet. We have felt so much love from the ward this week. They have been eager to come teach with us and they have welcomed us into their homes so that we can teach them. We are starting to really build a strong relationship of trust with them. This is so essential to the work here! 

An experience I had a few days ago has really profoundly impacted me and how I see missionary work. A little back story is that when I was in the city a few weeks ago for Arrivals Training part 2, I was asked to gain a vision for the mission that would align with the Mission President's, with the Brethren of the church, and with God's. I was a little confused about this for some reason. The vision President shared with us was so personal and specific. I did not really know how to go about obtaining my own. But one day, as I was praying before studies, I decided to take a lot of extra time to pray very specifically for our members & not just for our investigators, recent converts, and returning members. So I started praying for these families in our ward. And I started praying for all of the members who Sister Hosea & I had left commitments with. I prayed that they would keep the commitments we had left. I prayed that they would have a meaningful experience sharing the gospel with those in their life. I prayed that they could help someone in their life receive the restored gospel and enter the waters of baptism, and see them one day enter the temple with their families. I prayed that they would have courage. And that even in the face of rejection, they would feel the joy that comes with opening your mouth and sharing what you believe. I prayed that they would have a spark for missionary work and that they would continue to bring souls unto Christ for the rest of their lives. As I prayed, I felt the spirit confirming to me that this was Heavenly Father's vision for the Emu Plains ward. This is what He wanted me to help Him accomplish here. 

As you can see, member work has been a huge theme so far on my mission. That's because it is the most effective way to do missionary work. We have seen a huge change in our work as members have started coming to teach with us and as we've seen an increase of participation in fellow-shipping. Members make all the difference. It's amazing! Our finding efforts have also been more effective as we've been opening our mouths even more. We don't have as much time to knock doors any more, so it's been a rule that we don't let anyone walk by us without us talking to them about the gospel. It's been wonderful to see that the Lord truly is preparing people.

Looking back now, I realize that there was so much more I could've done to progress the work at home. I realized I could've shared the gospel so much more often. I could've helped the missionaries more. I could've taken the commitments they left more seriously.

Brothers and Sister, please take the work seriously. The field IS white already to harvest and we need every man, woman, and child out there with a sickle. We should live and breathe the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It should be ingrained in who we are. We should radiate the love of Jesus Christ at all times. Please, look at everyone in your life for who they really are - your brothers and sister in God's eternal family. They are here for the same reason you are. They want to be with Him again. They want to be with their families forever. They need to know that Jesus Christ is their Savior. They want these things so desperately, even if they don't realize it. Do not take the blessing of being exposed to the Gospel lightly. Heavenly Father did not allow you to have the Gospel because you are extra special and He favors you. No. He allowed you to have the Gospel because He trusted you to share it with His precious children who are all around you. Every person you see, every friend and family member you have, they are all opportunities. Opportunities to keep the covenants you have made and to show your Heavenly Father that you appreciate all He has given you. 

Yesterday as we sang "Because I Have Been Given Much" in church, I was struck by the 4th verse:

"Because I have been blessed by
thy great love dear Lord
I’ll share thy love again
According to thy word
I shall give love to those in need
I’ll show that love by word and deed
Thus shall my thanks be thanks in deed"

Thus shall my thanks be thanks indeed. 

Share it! 

Okay, I love you all sorry for preachin' at you. 

Weekly highlights!!!!!!!

-For those of you who know me well, you know I have some   serious issues with Canada. It all started when they beat us at heaps of stuff in the winter Olympics two years ago. BUT, I'm happy to report that Sister Phinney is a Canadian and I love her! Because I love her, I allowed her to celebrate Canada day during District Meeting. I listed all the things that I know are good about Canada and then took secretly sarcastic pictures with her.


Sister Froemming and Sister Phinney)

-Enjoying the beauty of Aussie! One day this week we got to go to Glenbrook (my favorite suburb) and visit some people as well as doing some knocking. Everything was so beautiful! I saw colourful, [note from US Mom - she is spelling like an Aussie. Is she doing that on purpose] exotic birds and so much bush. It was lovely! It makes me so happy to see so much beauty around us as we work. 

In Glenbrook

Leaving your mark on a poor innocent tree

Near as I could tell, this looks like a room someone used butterflies to decorate the wall. Notable is Kirsten's willingness to stand there.!!

-Sassy, old, Australian ladies in our ward. They are what I was expecting all Aussies to be like. So crass, so blunt, SO FUNNY. Feels like I'm at home with them (shout out to my fam). 

-Doing service for the disability center in Leura. We went as a Zone and just worked so hard. My job for most of the day was loading up a wheelbarrow with road base and carrying it back to where we were laying pavement. We all went so hard because doing service as a missionary is literally 1000x more fun than as a normal person. No clue why. But it was so nice to get to help out! We also got to see some of God's most precious children who stay in that center. They were all so sweet and fun! 

Sister Froemming doing yardwork - CPR has been administered to her father)
-After service we got to go to one of the lookouts in Leura. It was so beautiful! I love being in the blue mountains.

Taking in the majestry of the Blue Mountains In Leura!!!
The Zone Taking it all in

-THE FOURTH OF JULY!!!!!!!!!!!! Sister Hosea and I got burgers and fries from a Turkish place, haha. We we're teaching so we didn't have time for an American dinner but we did have a small photo shoot and ALL week we were singing America hymns. #MURICA 

-MEMBERS STARTED INVITING US OVER LIKE CRAZY! Our meal calendar is almost full for the next month. Let me assure you, I do not care about getting fed one bit. I could care less. Sister Hosea and I have plenty of funds to buy food. We are really blessed in this mission like that. But, this means the members want to have us in their homes! We are so excited to get to know them. I know it seems little, but it's just an amazing sign to us that we have gained trust. Serving like Ammon worked! We can't wait to teach these families and help grow their excitement for missionary work!

-We met a family from Sudan this week that agreed to meet with us again. We barely had any time to talk to them because we stopped them on the street on the way to our bus, but they seem interested! They are so prepared I can feel it! Please pray for them. 

I hope everyone has an amazing week!
Love you heaps!

Sister Froemming

P.S. I meet President Checketts tomorrow! 

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