Sunday, October 23, 2016

"This Country is Killing Me" -SR

Sawadeeka family & friends!

I hope you are all feeling fantastic and had a wonderful week! This week was challenging, but we saw so much progress! The coordination between the ward and the missionaries continues to tighten. The vision SR and I prayerfully gained at the beginning of our time here has been realised by the leadership in the ward. And the best part is, we have goals and plans of what we will do to actually achieve this vision. 

I'll try to keep my sermon short this week. I just love our Saviour. He has never failed me. His Atonement is more than enough for us, no matter how great our weakness, mistakes, or trials may be. He has conquered! Sin, death and whatever you are facing right now have all already been overcome by Him. I'm so grateful for the moments when I have felt hopeless, alone, or broken, because these are the times when I have seen a loving Saviour heal me. I testify that I have felt the power of the Atonement of Jesus Christ relieve me from pain. This is a tangible experience that has ingrained my belief in Him into a part of who I am. But this experience is only made possible through initial Faith in Jesus Christ. I invite all of you to trust Him just a little more. Please let Him help you a little more fully. He wants to help. He is there. Give Him your load and He won't fail you either.


-We had an awesome lesson with Andrew this week! A member came (from another ward but has a class with Andrew) and we were able to all teach together in unity! I was the question ask-er, Dana was the question answer-er, and Sister Ruengurai was the testifier (along with the Spirit lol). It was a powerful lesson that allowed us to understand Andrew more. I'm not sure how long it will take, but I know he will be baptised one day. 

-My crazy companion. She is so lovely, so funny, so caring, so happy. I just love her! Funny story this week: We were walking to the train station from the chapel as a group of missionaries and investigators. I was walking a little ahead of SR talking to someone and she was behind me talking to Sister Chao. Up ahead, I could see two wild turkeys. Some of the missionaries began pointing them out. I know my companion loves turkey and is crazy. I sighed and said to the missionary next to me "She is going to chase that turkey." 

I literally slo-mo turned around to see my companion slo-mo beginning her run after this turkey. Sister Chao accompanied her of course. It was so funny. P.S. She did not catch the turkey. 

-One day this week Sister Ruengurai and I had a strong feeling to change our morning plan. We had a feeling we needed to stay in the flat and work on the crusty, old, former area book full of people who were taught years ago. We prayed about it a lot because we really would rather go outside haha, but our answer was clear. So we began to work on the area book and call people. It was mostly just cleaning up old records (ex. number disconnected, moved, STILL not interested, "will contact us"). 

After 3 hours of this, we reached an old teaching record for a Vietnamese man name Hue. We called and a woman answered saying no one by that name lived there. We felt like we should keep trying so we began listing off information we had from our teaching record trying to identify him. Finally after reading his wife's name which was listed on the record, she realised who we wanted to speak with and somehow connected us with Hue. 

He. was. so. excited. He doesn't speak English very well, and is 74. He said "wow thank you to remember me!". We asked when we could visit his family, and he said, "2 o clock today. I will wait for you." It was already 1 o clock so we quickly began travelling to his home. When we got there, he was literally waiting outside for us. It was so cute! We talked to him and it was difficult to teach because of the language barrier, but it was amazing to see that God is so aware of His children! He provided a way for us to visit Hue and be able to brighten his spirit and teach him the Gospel!

-Telle got baptised! 😇 It was such an exciting day! We have come to love her so much even if she's not our investigator. #wardunity. She was glowing and her testimony was so cute! I love watching people accept the Gospel here. It's such a leap of faith for those who were taught their whole lives that God is not real. She kept saying "I am a Mormon! Life is full of surprises." hahah, she is the cute girl in the red dress in the picture of all of us. 

I love you all so much! Have a great week.
Rak na,

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