Sunday, October 9, 2016

Sister Froemming's General Conference Address LOL

Sawadeeka family & friends! 

I hope you have all had a fantastic week! Another amazing one here in Greenwich. 

The work is moving forward. We are increasing in vision of what to do, and trusting the Saviour who goes before our faces to know how to do it. I love serving Him. When we serve for the Saviour, we are never alone!

I remember a time I watched a sad movie about someone who passed away. After I watched this movie, my emotions were raw and I couldn't stop crying! I thought of my own family and how devastated I would be if this situation were my own. To console myself, I decided to watch bible videos (while eating chocolate obviously). As I watched my heart burned and I continued to click, video after video, scene after scene, watching how the Saviour lived His life. And then finally, I clicked on a video portraying when the Resurrected Saviour appeared to His apostles. 

As I watched, I felt something like a lightning strike go through me! It was as if my chest was full of hot air and fire was running through my veins. Fresh tears overflowed from my eyes. 

"He lives!"

It was more than a thought, more than a feeling (don't you dare start singing that song ahah), it was a knowledge that pierced my very being. It went right through me. Of course I had already believed that Jesus Christ was my Saviour, of course I believed that He lived, died, and rose again. But for some reason as I sat watching this video in Spanish Fork, Utah, I was absolutely aware in every way that He was somewhere near right then. That He actually knew my name. That He truly understood my feelings. That He loved me. It was suddenly so much more real, suddenly so much more personal. I don't really know how to put it into words, but I cannot forget the feelings of that moment.  

I hope that we have all had similar feelings as we have watched General Conference. The theme I personally saw as I watched was knowing, feeling, and trusting the reality of Jesus Christ and His saving Gospel. We must be deeply converted to Him. We must recognise the battle we are fighting and Who's side we are on. We must allow the Gospel to become woven into who we are. The love we have for our Heavenly Father and His Son Jesus Christ should be an anchor to our souls and influence each decision we make. 

I testify that we are truly Children of God. That the Plan of Salvation is real. Each day we make choices that determine our destiny. As a missionary who lives each day to serve God, who has seemingly sacrificed (but really just received more in return) a worldly life to more perfectly represent Jesus Christ, I can testify to you that it is worth it. No matter how hard living the Gospel may seem, no matter how inadequate you may feel, no matter what you may be withholding at this time from giving your all, I invite you to put your soul into this. Sacrifice what you must, forsake what you may, nothing is more important than living the Gospel of Jesus Christ and allowing His Atonement to heal us.

He lives. The Spirit has witnessed to me that He is real, and I have witnessed His power changing me and others. He absolutely lives. I know it.


-FINDING! SR & I are getting soooo much more effective. We really gave our all to our finding efforts this week. We are seeing the work move much quicker as we are constantly seeking the Spirit. A lot of the time it's easy for us to pick and chose who we want to talk to, but only Heavenly Father knows who is actually prepared. Following His promptings has brought so much joy! 

-Last week I had trade off with Sister Spainhower. It was a dream. And it literally felt like a dream cause I was burning a low fever the whole time lol. But we went to all these beautiful places in Sydney and shared the Gospel with people. It was absolutely the coolest. We also had a sweet lesson with one of SR + I's investigators who we are referring to the City. They have this awesome set up in this big building right in the City where they converted a whole floor to be the chapel and a floor to be a teaching centre with fantastic reverent rooms. It was such a powerful lesson. We could see that David really understood and had desire to follow Jesus Christ. An experience I will never forget. 

-Watching everyone we meet who asks where I'm from as their face drops and they tell me about the hurricane. Everyone in Aussie thinks Florida was like wiped off the face of the planet! Sending prayers to those who lost their homes and their lives wherever they may be from. 

-GENERAL CONFERENCE! A real game changer. So much revelation was received! So much spirit was felt. It was an amazing experience and it just renewed over and over again my love and appreciation for the Saviour, Jesus Christ and His Gospel. We were also so happy that our investigator Andrew stayed for all 4 hours on Sunday! :) 

-Being a missionary is the greatest. And the best part is, we don't have to have a badge to live a consecrated life and to partake in the greatest work in the world! I hope you all are having meaningful experiences taking care of your Heavenly brothers and sisters (especially those in your family). It's truly the best!

I love you all heaps! Shout out to all of you who made it through this long email! #GeneralConferenceFinallyMadeItToAussie

Have a great week!
Rak na!

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