Monday, June 29, 2015

Howes About You Stay?

Hello family & friends! I hope everyone had a wonderful week!

This week was as amazing as a week could be when you have to say goodbye to your mission President and his wife. 

I have loved every moment that I had with President and Sister Howes. I will cherish them forever! I'm calling them like as soon as I step off the plane when I get home (which is never happening because I'm gonna be a missionary forever) BUT I also know that I was called to both the Howes, AND the Checketts. So I am just enjoying these last couple days of the Howes being my mission parents, and then I will wholeheartedly embrace the Checketts as soon as they arrive. I know they are called of God and that at the end of the day, my loyalty is always to the Savior - no matter who the mission president is.  I'm so lucky to be able to receive knowledge and advice from two mission presidents. I also get to make double the meaningful relationships that will last forever! So yes, right now it incredibly hard to say goodbye. But in the scheme of things, this is a huge blessing.

                                                             (Our Zone with the Howes.)

The rest of this week was really great as well. Sister Hosea and I got pretty sick but we was able to push through it because we had a lot of work to do this week! The Bishop gave us a list of people to visit spread out over our area which covers 11 towns. So it took us the whole week to do it since we are on foot. But it was really great! We are seeing miracles as we focus on our members and work as hard as we can to find new people to teach along the way! 

Weekly Highlights!

-President Howes gave every single missionary in every single zone a priesthood blessing. How sweet is that? Our Zone got ours on Tuesday. I've never met someone so full of light and so in tune with the spirit. He had us give him a list of three or four blessings that we would like to be blessed with. I was amazed as he said things and blessed me with things that I really needed but hadn't asked for. He was a vessel for Heavenly Father to answer my prayers. It was an amazing experience!

-Going out to dinner with the Howes and our Zone. We went to a place called 8 dollar steak and it was hilarious because it was SO sketchy and we just did not fit in there. It had to be sketchy though, because food really is just never that cheap here. But we got giant steaks we had to grill ourselves and lots of hot chips and ate together and talked. It was so fun! Those two are one in a million!

-Meeting Jim! So we got on the train and for the first time ever, Sister Hosea and I had no choice but to split up because there were just no seats. So Sister Hosea went and sat next to a Chinese lady (who she attempted to talk to in Chinese and got hardcore rejected lol), and I sat next to Jim. I was able to talk to him and teach him about the gospel and it was so cool. I have always been nervous to be in a situation where I would have to teach completely solo, but I was able to do it. Anything is possible through the Atonement of Jesus Christ!

(Sis Hosea & I had a self timer photo shoot while our Zone Leaders were setting up for a Zone picture to send to the Howes. This is about as good as it got. #companionshipunity)

-Alright, I'll finish with my favorite miracle this week! So one of our members in the ward recently lost his mom. He is a very sweet man and he and his wife have still continued to faithfully fulfill their callings even in the midst of this loss. This family kept coming to both Sister Hosea's and my mind all week. We knew we needed to meet with them. Before we could even try to set anything up, they reached out to us and invited us to dinner. We had an awesome dinner with them (I finally got to try pavlova and it did not disappoint!) and then we had the privilege of getting to share a message with them. We shared with them the Because of Him Easter video and then just testified of the Savior. I was able to say "You have been in our thoughts a lot lately. We have been praying for you. We know, that as representatives of the Lord Jesus Christ, you have been in our thoughts because you have been in His." Sister Hosea and I then shared our favorite scriptures about the Savior and testified that we know that He is so aware of them, has felt their exact some feelings, and through Him they can find comfort. We both knew that this family already had testimonies of the Savior, but we felt prompted to share this with them. The spirit was so strong in their home as we extended our testimonies and the love of the Savior. I knew more than ever, that we were there on behalf of the Savior himself. 

I know that Savior loves us so perfectly and unconditionally. I have felt His love so many times throughout my life, but there is something so special about feeling His love flow through you and to others. I'm grateful that through the Atonement of Jesus Christ, someone as imperfect as me can be used as an instrument for the Lord. 

I know that the Savior lives. I could not deny that if I wanted to. The spirit has confirmed to me, powerfully and consistently that He rose on the third day and still lives today. I am in awe of who He is. He is the kindest, most patient, unconditionally loving person who ever has or ever will walk the Earth. I know He loves you. I know He cares for you. I know He knows you perfectly. He truly has felt your pains. His arms are always outstretched to you. 

I invite all of you to let Him more fully into your lives. If you already know Him as your Savior, please never take Him for granted. Think of Him daily. Make sure He is the center of your life. 

If you do not, I  invite you to watch the Because of Him video that I talked about in this email ( and prayerfully seek to know for yourself that He is the Savior of the world.

I love you all!
Have a great week!

Sister Froemming

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