Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Greetings from Ammonihah

Hello Everyone! Sorry about not writing last week. I will try to catch you up really quick!

-Hard, emotionally stretching week. I had to really let go of fears and doubts. So glad I had that experience though! I already feel I am becoming more of a consecrated missionary. 

-I spoke in church on Sunday. I prayed so hard before I got up "Heavenly Father please help me to say what I need to say to earn this ward's trust and to bring them closer to thy son, Jesus Christ. Heavenly Father, please also help me to control my voice and not sound shaky and be able to sound confident." He only came through on half of that haha. I was able to say everything the Lord needed me to say and show that I was focused on the work. However, you could totally tell I was nervous. Ah, darn. Oh well! I feel like we're starting to gain the wards trust. We got some dinner appointments after I spoke which was awesome! I've been able to begin to get to know some of the families in the ward. They are AMAZING. Sister Hosea and I have been able to talk to them about missionary work in our ward and show unity in our companionship. It's been really good. Our members are great!

-So many miracles happened! The best one was catching one of our less actives after months of missionaries not being able to find her. 

Okay. So now you're up to speed. THIS WEEK WAS AMAZING!!!!!! 

First off, Elder Kevin Pearson, the Area Seventy for Sydney came and did a mission tour. It was amazing! Fun fact: My lovely companion has an amazing voice. She sings like Beyonce. 
So the Assistants called and said "Sister Hosea, would you be able to sing for Elder Pearson's conference?"
She said "Sure!"
They said: "Can your companion sing?"
I shook my head 'No' and mouthed "NOOOOO" but she completely ignored that and said "Yes, she can!"
So long story short, we sang for Elder Kevin W. Pearson! Those of you who know me well will know it was a miracle that it actually sounded pretty good! 

Elder Pearson's conference was amazing though. We left it so inspired! We are in a tough area. It's mostly rich, older people who think they couldn't be any happier. It has been pretty hard trying to grow our teaching pool in this area. People can be so rude to missionaries here. It's so strange! I am not in the south anymore (people think smiling, saying hello, and waving is super weird here for some reason). BUT, I have learned from that conference that I am not going to give up on people so easily. "No" does not mean "no" to me and my companion anymore haha. If these people only knew, if the veil was thinned for just a moment, they would flock to us. They would fall on their knees and beg to be taught the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ by His personal representatives. So it's become my outlook to not just look for golden investigators, but to try to help these people remember how badly they want this. They all made the decision to come to this Earth, and Sister Hosea and I have everything they don't know they are looking for. So I am not giving up on these rude Aussies in Emu Plains. I love them. It is very obviously unrequited sometimes, but I truly love them. They are my brothers and sisters and I know how much they mean to Heavenly Father. So they mean so much to me, too. 

(Finding in a part of our area called Springwood.)

Weekly highlights!
-Meeting Max. He was at one of the firesides we took one of our recent converts to. He was sitting by himself after the fireside so a lot of missionaries went and talked to him. He had some sort of disability that made it very difficult to understand him. But when the other missionaries starting mingling with other investigators and recent converts I stayed and talked to him (mostly just because I'm awkward and I didn't know how to end the conversation haha) but eventually I started being able to understand him instead of just smiling and nodding. He got so excited when he realized that I was actually understanding him and we had a really great conversation.

-Serving Heidi. She is an old lady from Turkey who is SO cute. At first she didn't know how she felt about me because she hates when new Sisters come but I totally won her over this week. We make each other laugh a lot. I love her!

-Being Sister Hosea's companion is the best because some of her family lives around us and they are amazing! They are SO funny and craz​y nice. I'm so lucky to have Sister Hosea as my mum (trainer)!

-Going to the temple! It was so amazing to be at the temple today. I feel so much spiritual power and gained so much revelation. It was seriously just what my soul needed. I love the temple and I feel beyond blessed to be able to go so quick after getting here. 

Alright everyone, I'm sorry my emails are still so long. I will work on that. But I just want to say how much I love each and every one of you. Please spend time in prayer with your Heavenly Father. Please remember the covenants you have made. Please look around you and see people for who they truly are. Be bold. Represent Christ in everything you do. Think of Him each day. Remember what He has done for you. Remember why you are here. Do whatever is necessary to be able to live with your families in God's presence again. I can promise you it won't be easy, but you are not alone. Trust in the Lord fully and everything will always work out. 

Have a great week!

Sister Froemming

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