Monday, August 10, 2015


Hello friends & family!

The Dream Team

I hope you all had a fantastic week! This week was amazing and we saw so many miracles. Sister Hosea and I finished out our time together strong. Now, I'm sure by now you've realized that this means that Sister Hosea and I are no longer together. I am a little sad but she is serving the Lord as a Sister Training Leader now & I could not be more happy for her! I have LOVED the time I've had with her and I'm so grateful I had her as a trainer. She is like family to me. No seriously like she can't get rid of me. #missionfriends4eternity.
Maddy gave us a Polaroid

Saying Goodbye This Morning
And in other news - I'm eating Tim Tams for two. (Please don't freak out we're talking mission terms here lol) That's right I'm training! I'll be a mum on Wednesday. As of right now, I'm working in an area called Claremont Meadows with Sister Ah Fua. We're both training so we'll be going down to the city to pick up our trainees together.

I'm so excited to meet my trainee/daughter. I just am so excited to love her and help her grow as we continue to smash Emu Plains. Please keep both of us in your prayers. I still feel like a baby myself but I also feel like I have so much I have to share. Taking over the area is intimidating but I know that I have the Savior by my side. I have felt Him helping me as I continue to really try to purify and sanctify myself. I am so grateful to be in this refiner's fire.

Weekly Highlights!

Geeeeez there are so many this week.

-I think the most amazing one HAS to be getting to hear from Elaine S. Dalton, Sherri Dew, Sandra Turley (google her if you don't know her she's incredible. Cosette in Les Mis on broadway & a member), Heidi Swinston (wrote the biography on President Thomas S. Monson), David Archuleta, and my main man Brad WIlcox. We were lucky enough to be able to attend Time Out For Women this year and hear from those AMAZING speakers. It was an incredibly uplifting and revelatory experience. The best part was that we were able to go with Sis Hosea's recent convert, Maddy. She is so lovely and intelligent and has lots of questions. It was amazing to see her be so uplifted by Time Out For Women. I watched as she got answers to questions and felt promptings from the Holy Ghost. It was incredible!

-We also got to go to another Fireside on Sunday where the same speakers spoke to us as well as our Mission President and Elder Leota (who is my favourite!) of the Quorum of the Seventy. It was equally amazing and I loved each of the speakers passion for missionary work.

-Dinner with Barbara. She was our 'last supper' together.
-Maddy made us delicious caramel slices.

-I'm now in a 4 man flat #roommates. Should be fun, right? (Sis Piatau is from NZ and is Tongan, Sis Salvador is from the Philippines. They are both amazing!)

-WE GOT A CAR TODAY!!!!!!!! YAY. Finally. Driving in Aussie is horrifying but I love it.

Wish I had time to share more but it's a crunch today. More next week since I have no time! I will send pics/vids of David Archuleta & Brad Wilcox.

Love you all heaps. Remember WHO you are!

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