Wednesday, August 19, 2015

My Daughter

Hello wonderful family & friends!
This week has been wonderful. I have had so many opportunities to grow and develop as a missionary.
Tuesday as we sat in the Train the Trainers meeting, I looked around the room at all those incredible missionaries and could not understand why I was sitting there.  As we sat in that meeting and talked about the great responsibility it is to train, I couldn't help but feel inadequate.
But the more we talked about what is expected of a trainer, the more I thought "Hey, I think I can do that." I can WORK as hard as I can to always have those Christlike attributes needed to be a trainer. I can to be humble enough to learn from them and not exercise hypocrisy. I can show them unconditional love. I can be an example of exact obedience. I can pass on the knowledge and passion I have for this work. If I lean on the Saviour, I can do this.
Then as we sat in that meeting, President said these words: "The Lord trusts you, and we trust you." These words struck my heart and I knew they were true. I knew at that moment that the Lord really does trust me. That means so much to me. I will put forth all the energy of my heart not to ever break His trust.
So I'm sure you're all wondering: WHO IS MY COMPANION?!?!?!

Hmmmm, let's see how dramatic I can make this.

On Wednesday, President had all of the trainers stand in a line and then he called us by Zone and assigned a trainee.

When he finally called "Penrith Zone!" Sister Ah Fua grabbed my hand and we looked at each other nervously.

"Sister Ah Fua will be training Sister Nelson." They ran and hugged each other.
"Elder Lynch will be training Elder Sribunruang"
"Sister Froemming will be training......"

I looked around the room and I could absolutely NOT tell who I was going to be training. I thought I would have an idea but I was completely at a loss. I was looking at a room full of Visa waiters who I was terrified of because some of them have been out as long as I have. I was so nervous, but I had a little prayer in my heart for extra strength and I told Heavenly Father I trusted him.

"Guess what?" President said looking at me. "You're companion isn't here!" Everyone laughed as shrugged and went and stood by one of the Elders who was in the same position. He had to pick his companion up at 6:00 that night.

"And guess what else? You're companion won't get here for another two weeks."


So it turns out, my companion had some trouble getting to the MTC in time and she was almost going to have to come next transfer. But President decided to let her come mid transfer. So I will get her not this Wednesday, but next Wednesday. Her name is Sister Eteake and she is from Tonga. I love her already!

Weekly highlights really quick because I have 4 minutes on this timed library computer.

-Elder Sribunruang. I met him on insta before the mission lol and he's been talking to my mom so we freaked out when we saw each other. He's in my zone and he's the funniest Elder ever. Pictures to come.

-I'm in a trio with Sister Ah Fua and Sister Nelson. So grateful I get to practice training and gain more experience!

-Sis Hosea's RC (recent convert) went to the temple this week! I was so happy because the night before I was praying that I would know what I could do to get her there and the next day she texted me saying she went and loved it! True joy. #4timesinwhite #2timestogo

I love the mission so much. I've never been so happy in my life. I have so much I want to share with you all that I am learning. Please nourish your spirit with the word of God each day. We need it to reach our full potential. Lean on the Savior and never forget you have a Father in Heaven who loves you. I know these things are true. I love you all! Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help you.

Love you HEAPS

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