Monday, August 24, 2015

Somoan Food, Flat Tires and Utah Accents

Hello Family & Friends!

This week was an amazing opportunity grow! I have truly been stretched and developed in these past weeks. 

As I was struggling to continue to serve and really push myself this week I had a realization that changed my heart. At a moment when I really needed it, the thought came to my mind "I cannot withhold my service because it is not mine to give." I realized that the spirit brought this to my mind and it is true. When I am frustrated, tired, when I feel I am being used, I do not get to stop serving. I do not get to choose when I will or will not give of myself, because I am not my own. Thankfully, I am His. I am His instrument, I am His servant, and I am His daughter. I know that as I push myself to do everything that He asks me to do, I will be able to accomplish what He needs of me. I know that I can do amazing things only with and through Him. He can make so much of someone as imperfect as me. As Sister Hosea says "I am clay in His hands as he molds me into what He sees fit." 

Weekly Highlights!

-Getting to be with the amazing Claremont Meadows sisters. These girls are amazing, hilarious, and wonderful! So blessed to be with them. They are truly sisters to me.

-Getting a flat tire........ hahah I'm already killing driving in Aussie.

-These two just CRACK me up. Dying Sister Ah Fua's hair was quite the adventure. 
-Getting to work in Claremont Meadows has been heaps of fun.  I love all their investigators, less actives, and members. Such a wonderful ward! And so much teaching which is my favourite.

-The wonderful moments spent in Emu Plains. I miss it so much and I can't wait to get back to work.

-I'm picking up a bunch of Aussie slang because Sis Ah Fua is from Melbourne

-Samoan food is the best. Green banana, mackerel, and coconut cream.

Well I love you all! Please pray for Sister Eteake to be comforted and have strength as she enters the mission field on Wednesday.

Love you HEAPS! Have a great week.
Love, SF

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