Monday, October 12, 2015

Are You Arguing With The Spirit? Round 2 (AKA Sister Froemming Is A Slow Learner)

Malo lelei family & friends!

What a week in Emu Plains. To be honest, I think Heavenly Father realized that I have the most humble companion on planet Earth and therefore I need to have other opportunities to excersize the muscle of my Christlike attributes. YAY! 

During conference, the words of Neill F. Marriot were music to my ears for two reasons: 1. HER SOUTHERN ACCENT FILLED MY SUFFERING, CHEESE GRITS DEPRIVED SOUL. 2. "It will all work out"

Those words rang so true in my heart. When you live the Gospel, and you trust in Heavenly Father it will truly all work out. Each time I am scared, overwhelmed, intimidated or feeling inadequate, I remember that if I will submit to my Heavenly Father's will, it will truly all work out. I can testify that submitting to Heavenly Father's will is true happiness. "Consecration is the only surrender which is also a victory." - Neal A. Maxwell. 

I realized this week that I have not given my whole heart to Heavenly Father. I have not given my whole soul. 

Tuesday in New South Wales was HOT. 36 degrees Celsius to be exact. I thought it was going to be 23 because sometimes the missionary portal completely lies, so I dressed for a nice cool day. Next thing I know, my companion and I are walking in the heat for hours from dropped appointment to dropped appointment in long sleeves and boots. But we stayed happy as we sang a song, talked to people, and fanned ourselves with Restoration pamphlets. 

We finally made it back to Emu Plains via bus, train, and good ol fashioned walking at 5:15 pm. "Okay 45 minute dinner before our appointment, we got this." 

The feelings in my stomach overtook the feelings of the spirit and we rushed from the train to the car, walking by several people. By the time we had gotten to the parking lot, the spirit very clearly told me to slow down and turn around. My eyes fell on a clean cut, dad-looking man and an unwelcoming younger man with headphones and a hoodie smoking a cigarette. It became very clear that Heavenly Father would like me to approach the less inviting of the two. 

I sighed and tried to fight the feeling and continue to walk to the car. I didn't want to make my poor, hungry & thirsty companion sacrifice more of our dinner hour. Eventually, I couldn't fight the feeling I had any more. I told my companion and she hesitantly agreed to go back. She looked a little confused as I pointed out who I felt prompted to talk to but she, as always, put up with me and happily came along. As we began walking towards the young man, he got up and started walking towards the train. I was tempted to let him walk away and head back to the car, but I couldn't fight the feeling that we needed to talk to him. 

I took a deep breath and then began to literally stalk him haha. HE KEPT GETTING AWAY! Eventually we saw him sit down at the bus stop. I took a deep breath, it would be so easy to just turn around and go home. I looked at my companion and she looked at me with "Please don't make me do this again" written on her face. But with a silent prayer, we approached him.

What a beautiful person. As I told Cameron that we had felt prompted to talk to him (and apologized for stalking him aha) he looked at us with amazement in his eyes. 

"What drew you to me?"
"Well, as missionaries, we represent Jesus Christ. I think we were drawn to you because He loves you very much."
"That's pretty freaky. I actually just really recently accepted Christ in my life after I got some pretty bad news about my heath."

My heart LEPT! He is golden. I felt the spirit guiding us in our words as we began a discussion about the gospel. I was amazed as I looked at this young man, who I had expected to tell us to leave him alone, accepted our message with open arms. I could see in his eyes the spirit working in his heart. 

And then a car pulled up "That's my ride."
And before we could get his number or address he had to hurry off with only a pamphlet in his hands. 

I felt so happy as we walked away, but so sad knowing that if I had trusted the Lord AS SOON as I had gotten the prompting, we could have spent a few more moments talking and could have set a return appointment before he got away.

Heavenly Father always takes care of His children. When we trust Him IT WILL ALL WORK OUT. 

“And now, verily, verily, I say unto thee, put your trust in that Spirit which leadeth to do good—yea, to do justly, to walk humbly, to judge righteously; and this is my Spirit."

I hope this experience paints a clear picture of the importance of listening and trusting the spirit. I can promise that as members of the church we are capable of feeling the spirit AT ALL TIMES. I know that sanctification comes through the Holy Ghost. Please invite the more fully into your lives, and relish the direction it gives you. True discipleship comes as we seek, listen, and promptly act upon promptings of the spirit. My heart was deeply touched by the words of President Eyring this conference as he spoke about his father: 

"That was only one example of a time when he prayed and then did what the Spirit told him God wanted him to do. He kept at it over the years, as you and I will. He never talked about his spirituality. He just kept on doing little things for the Lord that he was prompted to do."

May we all listen to our loving, quietest, and most loyal friend more perfectly.


-Conference! It was amazing. I can't really even express the love I have for the leaders of the church, the inspiration that came as a result, and the growth of testimony for me and many others that resulted.

-Bro Burgess gave us koko samoa which was so yum.

-My flatmates are the loveliest people. Sister Wilson is a cutie new addition to our flat and she loves Indian food with me. 

Sister Froemming and Sister Wilson
-Those Australia shout outs in conference though.

-We met the funniest member from the Penrith ward who is like my mom x 10000 (if you can even imagine that) and her daughter is on a mission too.

-Talking to everyone! It's almost like the warm weather is making everyone more friendly.

I LOVE YOU ALL!!! Thank you for putting up with me. 

Have a great week.
Love you HEAPS!


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