Monday, October 5, 2015

Greetings From The Oven Down Under

Malo lelei family & friends!

I hope you have all had a fabulous TWO weeks. Sorry for a lack of email last week. I wasn't able to write because we had the opportunity to go to the Sydney temple and temple P Day is always too amazing and too short. It's been a wonderful two weeks in Emu Plains. We've had so many moments of joy and a few of disappointment. But at the end of the day, I just can't put into words how happy this work makes me. 

My favorite thing about being a missionary is cutting out the distractions of the world. Talking to Heavenly Father, feeling the spirit, and doing something productive all day long. The world can seems so bright, and shiny sometimes. It is hard to resist it's pull. But in the long run, a life centered around worldly things is not life at all. The world would put you in a state of slumber from what's really all around you. It wants to distract you from your loved ones, responsibilities, and from your Heavenly Father. It takes freely and gives you nothing in return. The nature, temptations, and distractions of the world are designed to pull you away from the spiritual and towards the carnal.

For example:
Think about how you felt this weekend after you watched conference. 
Think about how you feel after you watch 4 hours of Netflix (I'm allowed to do this because I'm so guilty of this in the past haha)

Hopefully that paints a clear picture. If not fakatomala!  (Repent)

Something that one of the members said a couple weeks ago really stuck with me "The world really gives you nothing. You put on the newest music and watch your favorite TV show and you expect to gain something from it but you don't. At the end, you just have to come back to reality. But when you focus on the Gospel, you always gain something because that is what's real." -Kristie Ireland

Media and materials are not what's real. What's real is that you are a spirit child of God. And that you are here for a very specific purpose. Your goal is to return back to live with Heavenly Father again. You are surrounded by your brothers and sisters who have the same goal. And that should be your focus throughout each moment of each day. Eternal perspective is so important.

Never let the world dim your light. It may be hard to resist the temptation of the world, whether it be something that is harming your spirit or simply just distracting and dulling you, but as you withstand temptation Heavenly Father will always help you. I can promise you that it is much more satisfying to give your whole heart to the Lord than to have one foot in Zion and one in Babylon (not geographically correct but you get it!)

I love you all! Please try to think about the Saviour throughout each day and communicate often with your Father in Heaven. James 4:7-8


-I love the temple so much. It was such an amazing experience to be able to go inside the house of the Lord. Each time I go, my understanding grows deeper and the spirit I feel grows so much stronger. I have found that nothing has increased the spirituality of my temple experience as much as a continued study of the Plan of Salvation. The more I study it, the more my heart fills with gratitude for the eternally important opportunity of temple attendance. I know that if we are pointed towards the temple, we will be ready to stand in front of the Saviour. 

-GENERAL CONFERENCE NEXT WEEK! Yep, Aussie get's it a week late. But I'm so excited!

-Seeing sipis (sheep) randomly while walking to an appointment in Springwood. 

-Somehow we got three boxes of food from members this week. 

-We bought a Tongan himi (hymn) and have been singing Tongan songs all the time. 

-SO MUCH FINDING! SO MUCH WORK! It's such a great time for finding right now. School holidays, warm weather, light evenings. Such a wonderful time to be doing the work.

-During our planning session we created a plan to ignite the missionary work in Emu Plains. Man, I am so excited about it. I'm realizing now that I'm near my 6 month mark in Emu Plains. When did that happen? Seriously though. I just want to work so much harder because I want this ward to be a well functioning, missionary work machine for the next missionaries. I love this place so much and I know that the potential is unlimited when the ward and the missionaries really start to work together. 

-My favorite people and my favorite countries. 
#USA4ever #whichcountrydotheytalkaboutintheBookofMormonagain? #whichcountry'snationalanthemisinthehymnbook? 

-One of our investigators just casually has two tanks outside of her house. 

-It is 38 degrees celsius today which is 101 Fahrenheit. I'm loving it at the moment but I don't think the love will last too long haha. I've already got some pretty horrendous tan lines.  

-Elder Kehler (who was the only person from my MTC district who came to Sydney North with me) is now in my district. Pretty cool! District 66A forever.
Please keep Nancy in your prayers this week. We feel she is so prepared. 

Have a great week!
Love you HEAPS.


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