Monday, November 16, 2015

I Love to See the Temple Even When I am Stuck Outside!

Bula family & friends!

I hope you all have had an incredible week. What a week it has been here in Toukley! Sister Koi and I are continuing to see miracles daily, practically hourly! 

Each day we learn a new lesson. Each day we gain more trust and more faith. I'm so blessed to have a companion who listens to the spirit and supports me in listening to the spirit. We have seen the Lord's hand guiding us in the work here as we have submitted to promptings. It truly is His work. 

This week we were blessed to go to the historic first stake conference in Gosford Stake.  This stake is so focused on missionary work. The whole adult session of the conference was about Hastening the Work of Salvation. We were blessed to be able to hear from President and Sister Checketts as well as President and Sister Sheen of the Sydney Australia Temple Presidency. 

It was so amazing to hear from them both. Each of them spoke of the work of salvation. President and Sister Checketts spoke about hastening the work on this side of the veil, and President and Sister Sheen spoke about hastening the work on the other side of the veil. 

The temple is something that has been on my mind so much lately. I cannot stop thinking about it! I'm itching to go. I have been for weeks. I'm sitting in Sydney (I have to do annoying college stuff today) about a 3 minute walk away from the temple right now and it's killing me that it's closed for two weeks and I can't go in. But, as I have kept the temple in my thoughts, and not just for myself, but also for how to get others to obtain temple blessings, I have felt the spirit of the temple envelop me. 

The Saviour should be at the center of our lives and the temple is what realigns and focuses us. If we have our eye on the temple, we have our eye on the eternal life. I wish I had time to write a dramatic sermon as I usually do, but this will have to suffice.

I have a testimony that the temple is truly The House of the Lord. Please really consider the gravity of those words. Ponder the significance of what is done there. I know that the work that we do in the temple is real. It is the stuff of eternity. Those who you work for in the temple will be by your side throughout your life and will be anxiously waiting for the day they can thank you in the life to come. The temple is our refuge from the world. We need the spiritual protection that comes from temple attendance, and our family who has gone before us needs the saving ordinances that are found therein.

I invite each of you to focus on the temple. Try to get there as often as is possible. Make it your priority and the Lord will bless you and open doors for you. For those of you who cannot go, prepare yourself. Each of us needs to be actively engaged in preparing ourselves spiritually for the temple. We should ponder the covenants we have made daily, we should repent thoroughly and quickly, we should do family history work, and we should worthily and meaningfully partake of the sacrament each week.

I promise that as you make the temple a priority, you will feel a new spirit come into your life. It will follow you wherever you go. It will empower you to face the temptations of the world and it will buoy you up when adversity strikes. As you prepare and attend the temple you will find that your life will be centered on the Saviour, Jesus Christ and you will be prepared for the day you will stand before Him. (Alma 34:32) 


-GETTING TO SEE SISTER HOSEA!!! I will send pictures but right now my SD reader is broken. But seriously it was the best to see my mum. I had no idea she was in our stake because she isn't in our zone, so when she walked in to stake conference we practically ran to each other. I love her so dang much!

-Seeing Sister Pearce! She was my first Travelling Sister that I ever had trade offs with. She already went home but she happened to come to stake conference in Toukley! What a blessing to see a beautiful RM like her!

-Spirit led finding miracles!!!!!

-Heaps of hilarious Aussie families in Toukley ward. 

Have a great week.
Love you HEAPS!

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