Monday, November 9, 2015

sipi na'e he (He Hears Me)

Bula family & friends!

I hope you've had a fantastic week. It has been absolutely wonderful here in Toukley! It's been a week of work, work, and more work. Sister Koi and I have not slowed down. I know it was inspired for us to be companions because we really challenge and push one another.

This week has really humbled me. Leaving my first area was tough but an amazing experience. I have really relied more fully on my Heavenly Father. I felt my connection to heaven get stronger and more powerful. My relationship with Heavenly Father has grown deeper and more meaningful. I have felt a constant communication with Him in prayer as I have sought to tune my heart to the spirit. I listened in amazement as my prayers went from pleading for strength, to prayers filled with gratitude and appreciation.

One of the especially sweet moments this week came as Sister Koi and I walked from an appointment to the bus stop. It was dinner time, it was raining, and we had a bus to catch. But we kept feeling prompted to knock one more door. It seemed that these "one more door" promptings would never stop. When I could see the bus stop up ahead, I assumed that it was finally time for us to sit down and head home for dinner. I quickened my pace in anticipation of the wet, cold, metal bus stop bench. But I got the prompting once more "One more door."

I took a deep breath and told my companion. She nodded in agreement. We knocked and met a beautiful person and were able to share the gospel, but they didn't want us to come back. We continued on happily, nearing the bus stop.

"One more door." We repeated the process however this person was not quite as friendly.
"One more door." Bernie answered. A new potential investigator.
"One more door." Told us they weren't interested before we could get a word out.

After this door, I tried a new approach of keeping my eyes locked on the bus stop. Maybe if I couldn't see the doors, I wouldn't get promptings.

But to no avail, I once again received the prompting: "One more door."
In a moment of weakness,  I thought: "Heavenly Father, how many more? How much longer until we can go home?"

The words came into my mind forcefully and unmistakably clear.

"I'm sorry, Kirsten. I just love them all."

My heart softened and the rain on my face was joined by tears. Suddenly the houses looked new. Inside were people. People who had been valiant in the life before. People who had a desire to follow Jesus Christ. People who have experienced hard times and trials that I cannot imagine. People who my Father in Heaven loves and adores. Who are His children. Who He has held in His arms, who He has laboured, and toiled, and wept over. Who's salvation He works for each and every moment. He is actively involved in their lives and He knows what they need.

And then there I was. Blessed beyond comprehension with the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. In my mind, in my heart, and in the pamphlets in my bag, I held everything these people didn't know they were searching for. I held the fullness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a little blue book that they could hold in their hands, read and pray about. A book that has the power to heal souls and change eternal destiny. And I was complaining because I had to knock one more door.

Brothers and Sisters, He has chosen us, as imperfect as we are to do this work. He didn't bless us with the Gospel because we are special or because He loves us more. He blessed us because He has called us to work. To work tirelessly. We are His tools, those He has chosen to help His lost sheep. He is trying to work through us to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man. Are we letting Him?

Do we realize how significant it is that we have the knowledge that we do? Do we realize how blessed we are to have the fullness of the Gospel and the saving ordinances that we need to have eternal life? Do we ponder the divine design of the relationships that we have in our life?

I think of how our Heavenly Father worked with each of us in the pre-mortal life. He counselled us and helped us prepare for the tests and challenges we would face in this life. I think of all those in our lives who don't have the gospel. I picture them before we came here as pure, and righteous spirits. They may have been anxious and even fearful as they received the news that they will not be born into a home that has the Gospel. But I picture our Father pulling them into His embrace, wiping a tear or two, and saying: "Don't worry, I will do everything I can to get you back."

"I will send my servant, Stephen Revell to find you. He will help you."
"One day you will go to work and meet my servant, Jennifer Combs. Her family will love you."
"You will meet my servants, the Grubbs. They will guide you."
"You will cross paths with my servant, John Harrison. He will share with you."
"Your children will go to school with my servants, the Riley family. They will care for you."
"I will send my servant, Kyle Wiser, to your door. He will teach you."

Please remember, that people need what you have. Please remember that every relationship that you have is precious and inspired of God. He has put you in these people's life for a very specific purpose.

I hope you feel it. I hope I can adequately put into words a portion of how I feel about this. This is the most eternally significant work in the universe. And each of us need to be engaged in it.

I love you all. Please do not delay. If you need help, ask the missionaries. #1moreyearofpreachyemails


-Seeing Sister Eteaki at district meeting and speaking Tongan to her.

-Making Sister Koi laugh so hard she cries. It's like too easy haha.

-Sister Koi thought all white people like country music and are lame so she is always like "What the heck you are practically Polynesian." (Trying to teach her that white people can be cool too but we're working on it.)

-HEAPS OF NEW INVESTIGATORS! To all my missionaries out there, please always talk to everyone. This used to be an area where they struggled with finding people and teaching but in one week of hard week, that has completely changed.

-The ward!!!! They are crazy sweet. So funny, so friendly, and so ready to do the work. It's a small, aging ward but they are pretty amazing. They are missionary minded and we are so excited to help them gain confidence in doing missionary work. Sister Koi and I have already presented to Bishop an idea for an activity to increase missionary work among the ward. Things move fast here!

-The water. It's so amazing to see water everywhere. Feels like home except for everyone is Aussie and no spring breakers.

-PACKAGES FROM THE YOUNG WOMEN!!!!!! Man, I love PCB ward. Thank you to everyone who takes such good care of us!!!! I love you all. (pictures to come, Jessie! haha)
I love you all HEAPS!!!! Stay strong & stay centered. Stick to Gospel basics!
 Have a great week.

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  1. Love the Riley shout out :)
    You're amazing Kirsten- do you know what a powerful influence you are?! We love you!
    Sister Riley