Monday, January 25, 2016

Isa Lei (Fijian Farewell Song)

Bonjour family & friends!

This has been such an amazing week. I have had so much fun and felt so much love. The relationships I've developed here in Toukley are eternal. I know they extended on before this life and they will extend on far after.

So this week, I got the news that I was being transferred. It was kind of a shock because we really though Sister Koi would go as she's been in Toukley for 6 months already. But instead, she's training a Fijian sister! I could not be more excited and happy for the amazing things to come in Toukley. I know that this transfer was inspired of God. My first thought was of the beautiful Fijian family we've been teaching and how happy they will be to be taught the gospel in their native language. 

I have been transferred to the beautiful Charlestown ward in Newcastle! Don't worry everyone, it's equally gorgeous and still by the coast. I've just moved about an hour north. My companion is the incredible Sister Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaapuhi! (which is exactly how she says her name ahaha.) To have her as a companion is beyond my wildest dreams. #Tahiti

All I really want to say to you today is that the Atonement is real. It is infinite and eternal and it covers all. Every mistake you've ever made, every weakness you want to change, every trial you'll ever face. It has already been overcome. Not by some disconnected, aloof god who doesn't know or care about you. But by your own Brother. Your personal Saviour. We are not designed to be able to handle all the challenges and difficulties of life on our own. So why are we so hard on ourselves and why are we always trying to take on the world alone? 

True humility is the recognition of our own nothingness and our acceptance and complete reliance on the Atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ. He walks by our side, begging us to let Him carry our load. But sometimes we hold on to it though it is much too heavy for our own strength. Sometimes we allow Him to only carry half of it. Sometimes we give our burdens to Him for a time, but then ask if we can please have it back. 

My invitation to you is to put it in His arms and just keep walking with Him. The price has already been paid, you're not afflicting Him by calling on Him. He has already been afflicted. His every breath is dedicated to helping you. He anxiously awaits your call. He is waiting to rush in, to put His arms around you. He yearns to forgive and to strengthen you. Please, please use the Atonement. Fully and wholly and constantly. 

Grace - "Divine means of help or strength, given through the bounteous mercy and love of Jesus Christ." -BD


-REPTILE WORLD AKA THE CELESTIAL KINGDOM OF NSW. Reptile world was probably the most fun day of my life. I have one million photos of me with Aussie wild life but I'm still working on a new SD card reader so here's one from Sister Ete'aki's camera. I finally not only got to see a kangaroo, but pet one! 

(I promise I don't only hangout with Sister Eteaki but these are just the pictures she sent haha)

-I was so blessed to live with some of the funniest, most lovely sisters. I am overly attached to them haha. So hard to say goodbye but such a blessing to get to know them! I'll get to see them pretty soon anyway so it's not quite as hard.

-Saying goodbyes. Kind of a highlight and a lowlight. I've come to love so many people so deeply in Toukley. Susan had to be the hardest goodbye. She cooked Filipino food and made plans for a trip to Fiji for the three of us hahaha :)

Toukley Sunset

Goodbye Toukley - I love you!!!

-Bishop had me bear my testimony on Sunday which I have been waiting for the whole time I've been in Toukley! I'm so grateful I got a chance to share my testimony and express my love for this ward.

-Interviews were last week which means I got to see my lovely mission parents!

-I'm so blessed to have been companions with Sister Koi. She has taught me so much. I cannot thank her enough for all she's done for me. It's been amazing to watch her grow and I know she will be an amazing trainer.

-Riding the train through the Australian countryside up to Newcastle BY MYSELF! #thosetraveldetailsthough Yep, I was sans companion for about an hour on the train. Since I was the only person on my carriage I spent most of my time reading Sister Koi's letter and being sad, then looking out the window and getting so happy.

-As soon as I got to Charlestown, Sister Mapuhi and a couple other missionaries from my zone were there waiting. We spent some time singing hymns together while we waited for the last few missionaries to trickle in. I love it here already! 

Have a great week everyone!
Je t'aime,

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