Monday, June 6, 2016

The Hills ("Unwritten" Plays in the Background)

Bonjour family & friends! 

Hope you are all doing great!

Winston Hills is wonderful!!!! Physically, it is by far the least appealing area I have served in. But as far as the people go, it is one of the most beautiful places in the world. 

There are so many different kinds of people here, Indians, Italians, Middle Easterners, Asians, Polynesians, and heaps of Hispanics. It's incredible! 

The Winston Hills ward used to be pretty small, but the boundaries just changed and now there are so many big, wonderful families in the ward. It's such an exciting time! Everyone is trying to get to know each other and have unity. 

Our focus in this ward is to strengthen the members and create a culture of love, unity, and action. Hearts touched by the spirit and knit together. Hands ready to work. As we've discussed our work with our leaders we've been directed by the spirit to just keep it simple. Each of us can work on strengthening our own faith in our homes, and then reaching out to strengthen the faith of our brothers and sisters. In the Saviour's words "When thou art converted, strengthen thy brethren." (Luke 22:32)

Weekly Highlights!!!!!!!!

-Not really a highlight but saying goodbye to Charlestown. I'm so excited for the work that will be done by the fantastic missionaries serving there. I'm grateful that I had something so wonderful that it made saying goodbye hard. Taken from the train right before the doors closed. 

Goodbye Charlestown
 -The 2 hour train ride. I got to be with Sister Koi & Sister Shen. Arguably two of my favourite people ever. We laughed and I learned some more Fijian and Chinese. When they got off together a few stops before me, I was a little bit stressed. But then I found another missionary who was by herself and we helped each other! (Sister Pongi who I came in with and who was Sister 'Ete'aki's last companion) Such a miracle! 

-My companion Sister Vaiho is amazing! She is so sweet. She is constantly smiling and making me laugh. She is hard worker and she has the best attitude! I am so blessed!

-The Caffarettas. An Argentine family that fed me more pizza than I've ever dreamed of eating. They are inactive, but randomly this week they just called us and asked if we would come over. We had such a great time with them, and they softened their hearts to allow us to share a message with them. 

-Teaching an 8 year old who's preparing for baptism. It was such a sweet experience. 

-Tahitian donuts. Tre bien.

-It's been pouring rain every day here, but we are so happy everyday! To quote Sister La'ulu "It's raining outside by it's sunny in my heart." :) 

-Elizabeth! She was a potential that we visited this week. She's from Iran and it was a huge, dangerous, life changing decision for her to make to become Christian, but she couldn't deny the experiences she had. She is brave and truly converted to the Saviour. We can't wait to share the Book of Mormon with her this week. 

-It's finally Winter and we're losing leaves! 

(Taken while dropping off the Baulkam Hills sisters.!)

Have a great week everyone!!! 
Je t'aime,

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