Sunday, September 11, 2016

Moon Cake 4Ever!

Sawadeeka family & friends!

I hope you had an amazing week wherever you are! It's been great here in Greenwich!

Sister Ruengurai & I are absolutely loving the work and seeing miracles! 

I am learning about the importance of keeping ourselves sanctified. As the Lord's servants and representatives (this applies to all of us who have made baptismal covenants, not just missionaries) we must be prepared at any time to be His hands. To call upon the powers of Heaven. To be divine instruments!  

I do not understand everything about sanctification. But what I do understand has deeply impacted me. I believe that sanctification is something like being continually completed by and cleansed through the Atonement of Jesus Christ. A constant change of heart. A concerted effort to live according to the spiritual knowledge that we have, regardless of the circumstances. 

It may sound out of reach, but I know in my heart it is not far from us. I know our Saviour has provided every resource for us to be able to be in His constant care! He has taught us the Gospel, given us covenants that unite us with Him, given us the words of ancient and living Prophets, given us the bounteous gift of the Holy Ghost, and given us the sacred, renewing ordinance of the Sacrament. 

I know that if we simply give our all in living the Gospel of Jesus Christ, we can become sanctified through our Saviour's Atonement. He's not asking for immediate perfection. Mistakes, trials, doubts, and fears are not what hinders our sanctification, but what makes it possible. 

I love the Gospel and how it changes us. I love our Saviour. And I know that He needs us to sanctify ourselves for His work. 

"We do not need to be perfect, but we need to be good and getting better." -Elder Kim B. Clark.

weekly highlighs! 😀

-We gave talks yesterday at church. I had such a powerful experience during the Sacrament because I was so desperate for the Spirit! A good reminder that I should always be that dependent on the Sacrament. But the Spirit helped me so much! And my companion did a great job.

-David Li! We had another lesson with him this week. His real intent is so amazing! He definitely doesn't believe everything yet, but the faith he has is rock solid and growing fast! He kept his commitment to pray all last week and it was amazing to hear him pray with us after our lesson. He happily accepted to come with us to church next week. He is exercising his faith in big ways! 

-We went to Milson's Point on PDAY which is basically the side of the Harbour Bridge opposite the city, which luckily is in our area! YAY! It was soooo beautiful. I love Sydney with my whole heart. 

-We had our first dinner appointment here! Sister Brooks is this amazing french lady with beautiful kids and a wonderful testimony! It felt so good to be back in members homes! 

-My adorable companion who is constantly a ray of sunshine. #thaifood #toneslol

-Andrew Houseman is doing well! We had an awesome lessons with him this week about the First Vision and Book of Mormon. We had a little testimony meeting with his member friend, and the Spirit was so strong. Andrew said he's not ready for a specific date, but when he gets his answer, he will be baptized. Please keep him in your prayers! He is very busy/stressed with studies right now and it's difficult for him to read the Book of Mormon every day. 

-Sister Ruengurai is amazed because I can eat Durian. It is a Thai fruit that all the white people hate because it has a strong smell and taste. But I ate it and was like "yeah, pretty good." All day she tells me I'm an Asian born American LOL.

-The sisters had a beautiful baptism this weekend. Also after the baptism they had an activity and I was involved in teaching the members from the Chinese ward the Boot Scoot Boogie. It was a proud moment for Bay County. 

-Sister Money and Sister Chao scared the absolute tar out of me last night. They told us they were visiting someone far and would be home late. Then after Sister Ruengurai had been home for a few minutes, Sister Money came out from around the corner and scared me and I screamed for like a full 60 second without stopping. It was so funny, we were just looking at each other while I was screaming and she was like um when are you gonna stop. What lovely flat mates I have!

Hope you all have a great week!
Rak na,

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