Sunday, September 25, 2016

Are You Keeding Me?

Sawadeeka family & friends!

I hope and pray all of you are doing great! What a wonderful week in Greenwich. Sister Ruengurai and I are fantastic! 

Everyday we are so grateful to be missionaries! I love the Gospel of Jesus Christ so much. I'm in awe that I know about it, understand some part of it, and have the opportunity to live it. To feel the Atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ, cleansing, enabling, and healing me each day. 

I was very, very, mildly sick this week. As a result, I felt a little light headed and not as enthusiastic about the work. As Sister Ruengurai went out to go visit less actives, I really didn't feel I had the strength to open my mouth along the way. But Heavenly Father put people in our path, and I found that I couldn't keep my mouth closed. As I looked at people, it's like I could feel their need for the Gospel. And I couldn't deny them. I know that this was not from me, but a fruit of the Spirit. How wonderful is our Father in Heaven to look upon our hearts and not just our imperfect actions. He strengthens me so much. I know we all need this power and can have this power in our lives if we will but come unto Him.

"Come unto Him" is something we hear a lot. But what does it mean? For those who feel far from the Saviour, for those who feel they are not doing enough, for those who feel a Christ centered life is out of reach, it can feel difficult to come. It doesn't need to be complicated. Singing a hymn, saying a prayer from your heart, reading a scriptures, or simply continuing when they journey is hard. These things invite our Saviour to walk with us. He is eagerly waiting for us to come.

"Yea, verily I say unto you, if ye will come unto me ye shall have eternal life. Behold, mine arm of mercy is extended towards you, and whosoever will come, him will I receive; and blessed are those who come unto me." -3 Nephi 9:14


-We had our first YSA FHE in Greenwich and it was so fun! Our investigator Andrew came and loved it! We felt the spirit, played games, and fellow shipped with one another. I also dominated at Ellen's game Head's Up. 

-SR & I gave a training during District Meeting. She loved it! We made a decision to only share experiences from our transfer together, and it was amazing to see how many miracles we had to share! We love the Greeno district! #whereyagoing? 
My District

-We also had a district service this week and we met the most adorable part member family! The wife is an Aussie and is 89. And the husband is from Estonia and is 90. His name is Peep. They are so cute and were adorably overwhelmed with gratitude for our service. We went hard because we love them so much and weeded like crazy people in the rain. (hence the cold). But it was so worth it for them. 

-A cute moment with Peep:
He was so funny and got some juice from the fridge and starts shaking it up and asking if we want any. He didn't realize that the cap was off though lol so cute. So he made a mess and my companion ran to grab paper towels. And Peep takes them from her and starts cleaning it up. I say "No, no! I'll get it!", grab the towels from him, and start cleaning up. Then he just looked at us lovingly and said "I wish I had more daughters." It was so cute. Grandpa Peep is my favourite. 

-Taiwanese night market with my bestfriend/daughter/companion. 

-Sister Chao tries to lock me out of our flat all the time, so I have to try to catch her as we run up 6 flights of stairs several times a week. She is killing me but it's so cute and funny. 

-Chinese BBQ activity with like ridiculously expensive high quality meat, investigators, and recent converts! So fun! #NotARedneckBBQ #LemonThymeInsteadOfKetchup

A Little Cold

-I'm obsessed with the Sisters we live with. We have a weird little family dynamic.

-We are loving the work! Every day is a new adventure! Greenwich is just so fantastic! 

I hope you all have a great week! 
Rak na,

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