Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Singing In The Rain!

Hello family & friends!I hope you all had a wonderful week.

This week was such a wonderful time to learn! 

I have been so inspired and and fed by the conferences we've had this week. Zone Conference was such a revelatory experience for me. Also, hearing from Brother Hallet of the Seventy was amazing!

I left those conferences with an increased understanding that the time is NOW for members and missionaries to work together. Neither of us can fulfil our callings if we do not work together. We are made to help one another. The missionaries aren't in our wards to do the missionary work for us. They are there to help us to fulfil our duty as members. Sister Eteaki and I have received so much inspiration on how we can help this ward become more missionary minded. 

It's so important that we as members understand this: the badge doesn't make you a missionary, the covenants make you a missionary. The knowledge you have makes you a missionary. As full time missionaries, we have been called on 18 month to 2 year missions. But each and every member of the church has a similar calling. I believe that each of us, before we came to the Earth, knew we would have the gospel. We also knew people in the pre-existence who we loved, and cared about deeply who would not have the gospel. I know, that we told those people we would labour diligently to find them. 

Think about that. What would that mean to you if you truly promised people who you love that you would find them and share the gospel with them so that you could rest together in the presence of God? I promise you that as you ponder that thought, the spirit will testify to you that you have made that promise to at least one soul, (maybe thousands). I know it is true because each time that thought enters my mind, my heart begins to burn. 

Now you might be wondering, how do I find these people? I may have made a promise, but where do I even begin to find them? LOOK AROUND YOU!!!! Your family, your friends, your neighbours, each person who passes you on the street. Do you think Heavenly Father makes mistakes? Do you think that in His perfect, eternal plan for you there is room for coincidence? These people are in your life for a very specific purpose. They are those who you said you would help. They are your brothers and sisters. They are those who, before we came to this earth, you comforted by saying "I will find you my friend."

I hope you know that I am only saying this because I am worried you are taking these things lightly. I'm worried that when the missionaries come into your home, you half heartedly accept their commitments with no intention to actually complete them. I'm worried that when they ask you who in your life is ready, you ignore the name that comes into your mind and you tell them "no one yet but I'll keep an eye out." I'm worried that you think that you are doing your missionary work by simply feeding the missionaries. Don't get me wrong, we love to eat with you. But a focused missionary cares much more about helping you fulfil the sacred calling you have as a member of the church to do missionary work than they do about casserole and apple crumble. 

Please Brothers and Sister, look at each person in your life who is not following the example of the Saviour, whatever step they may be in. Deepen your own conversion and please, strengthen your brethren. I'm not saying you need to baptise each of your friends within the month. (But if you can do that, than lol yeah please do that.) But I'm saying, just help move each of them forward. Your less active, struggling, and non member friends and family need your help. When you look at them, try to seem them in temple white. Try to point them towards covenant making & keeping, point them towards the temple, and most importantly point them towards the Saviour. 

When you feel fear, when you feel inadequacy about sharing the gospel, always remember who is the author of these feelings.  When you feel excitement and when you feel the gravity of your duty as a member sink into your heart, remember that this is the Spirit. Remember who you are. Remember what you have been called to do.

I have some commitments I would like to extend to you.

1. Go to Heavenly Father in prayer, and give your heart to Him. Let Him know you will trust Him to overcome fear and doubt. Let Him know you want to receive spiritual promptings that will allow you to help your family and friends. Promise Him to act on the promptings you receive. Lean on the enabling power of the Atonement and eagerly work to receive and act on these promptings.

2. Involve the missionaries. Invite them into your home, have them teach you, and then tell them the feelings in your heart about missionary work. Tell them your fears and tell them your hopes. Involve them in discussing and setting goals for the people in your life who you have been called to help. 

I love you all. You are amazing. Please decide today to do all you can to help those around you make it back to our Heavenly Father. I know that as you do, that peace will enter into your lives. That you will be given the strength to overcome the problems you face. I know that you will feel a closeness with your Heavenly Father and Saviour as you labour with them in the work of salvation.

"And now, behold, I say unto you, that the thing which will be of the most worth unto you will be to declare repentance unto this people, that you may bring souls unto me, that you may rest with them in the kingdom of my Father." (D&C 15:6)

(WOW thank you for reading this far! ahaha)


-I'm getting pretty dang good at Tongan if I do say so myself (yes I know I'm supposed to be teaching Sis E. English but both purposes are being accomplished lol) We sang to the Tongan family in our ward a Tongan song last night. It was so cool! 

-Conferences are the best! I also just love to see President and Sister Checketts. I feel the spirit so strongly around them. They are amazing. 

-Weekly lowlight: Elder Evans who has been my District Leader for my whole mission and Sister Phinney who is the only Canadian I've ever loved are both going home. Sad day. I will miss them dearly. Also transfers were just so sad because we lost heaps of people from our zone and even my adorable Filipino flatmate Sis Salvador. It's alright though, we're excited to see new faces!

-On Saturday it started POURING while we were in Springwood and we didn't have an umbrella. We were kind of bummed but I decided it was worth it to buy one for us so we didn't have to go home. Sis E and I huddled together under the umbrella and knocked doors one the way to visit a less active. It's so funny how the times when you should be completely miserable, (freezing and soaked) are some of the happiest times. We sang our favourite hymns as we walked from in the pouring rain and could not stop laughing and smiling. 

-It's getting hot. I'm so ready for this weather.


-Our ward is just so funny and quirky. No matter what kind of week we have, when I go to church on Sunday, I am so refreshed and happy. I am so grateful for the sacrament. And I'm so grateful for a wonderful ward who are a pleasure to serve. 

-I'm just so dang happy. I love you all but I officially never want to leave.

I hope you all have an AMAZING week. 

Ofa atu,


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