Sunday, March 6, 2016

Till We Meet Again

Annyung ha se yo family & friends! :)

I hope you had a fantastic week! It has been a crazy and wonderful one here in Charlestown. 

I'm sad to report that everyone's favourite Tahitian is now in Sydney, ready to leave for Tahiti tomorrow morning. That's right, Sister Mapuhi has served a beautiful 18 month mission and it's time for her to go. It's sad to see her go, but we are both so excited for the future! It was amazing to see her preparing to go. Every time she cried, she said "These are tears of joy. Because no matter how great the past was, the future is even greater." I learned from her that if you live a good life and trust the Lord you are granted to the divine gifts of peace and hope. 

She has become an eternal friend. I have learned so much about missionary work, life, love, sisterhood, and many other cheesy wonderful things from this adorable prophetess of a human being. Ua here au ia 'oe. :)

But I am happy to report I have a FANTASTIC new companion coming into the Charlestown ward. She is the beautiful and delicate Sister Panmongkol. She is from THAILAND!!!!!!! And we came in at the same time. I can't wait to continue the Lord's work in Charlestown with this lovely sister.

If I have learned one thing this transfer it is that love is powerful. Love has the power to change others. I think about why I am here on a mission, and I remember the day that the Saviour's Atonement pressed into my soul. I began to feel this overwhelming love from my Saviour and my loving Heavenly Father who sent Him, and it caused me to want to change more than anything I had ever experienced. 

Mercifully and beautifully, the same principle applies within our human relationships. As we grow to love one another as He has loved us, a miraculous thing happens. We allow Christ's perfect love and Atonement to pour into our imperfect relationships. We form a bond that is centered on divinity.Then, and only then, do we have access to the greatest power to assist in the perfecting of others: Charity.

I testify that the work of salvation is for every one of us. And for me personally, the most crucial part of this work is developing pure, heavenly love. 

I love you all so much.


-I forgot to mention a huge weekly highlight from last week. We got to sing for Elder Nielson's conference as a district. We sang "How Great Thou Art". One verse in English and one verse in Maori (NZ's indigenous people's language). The spirit was so strong as we began singing in English, but when we switched to Maori, it grew so much stronger. One of the elders in our district is Maori and sang by himself for a part of the song. When he began singing, I finally looked up from my hymn book at all the people. I was amazed to see many tear filled eyes. It was a very, very special experience. 

-I was so blessed to be able to spend Sister Mapuhi's last birthday mission with her. She turned 22. It was such a special day! :) We had our whole day planned but last minute we got called into a meeting with Elder and Sister Nielson in Sydney. It was an incredible experience to be able to spend the day with her. As we drove for 2 hours to Sydney we shared spiritual experiences and she shared things that she's learned in her 21st year. It turned out to be a fantastic day. And since it was also President's Birthday on Saturday, they had a cake for her. :)

-I got to spend the day with this little ray of sunshine. It was a delight to spend the day with Sister Casperson. #eternalfriends

-If you are wondering why I'm speaking in Korean today, it's because I'm blessed to be in a trio with the Newcastle sisters, Sister Casperson and Sister Pak until my new companion arrives tomorrow. :)

-It was also Luke's birthday this week! He has been clean from drugs and alcohol. And he shared some amazing things that he's learned in this last year. It's amazing to see the Atonement of Jesus Christ working in him.

Sister Mapuhi going home.

I hope you all have a fantastic week!

Sarang hae yo!

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