Sunday, April 17, 2016

Toukley Kiai

Sawadeeka family & friends!

I hope you've had a fantastic week! I'm happy to report that Sister Panmongkol and I will be staying in Charlestown together for another transfer! I love my companion, and I love this area! :)

This week, I was asked to speak in sacrament meeting. I shared with the ward some of the things that I've learned from the mission. I would like to share them with ya'll too.

1. God loves us a lot more than we realize. We cannot comprehend it. It's unending. It's unconditional. Honestly, it's inescapable. He always has and always will love us. And He loves us with a love so much more pure and intense than our human limitations can produce or even fathom. He loves the sinner just as he loves the saint, and He's provided a way for all of us to be clean and healed.

2. It's real. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is real. It is necessary for our exaltation. It is cleansing, enabling, and changing. I know that the Plan of Salvation is real and in motion. We truly did participate in the councils of Heaven and we chose to follow our Saviour Jesus Christ to be here on this Earth. Everyone who has ever lived or ever will, will die and live again. We are eternal beings. We will meet God one day and be judged. Jesus Christ truly has Atoned. It is real and I know it.

3.Covenants are a gift from a loving Heavenly Father, desperate to guide us home. Covenants tether us to the Saviour, Jesus Christ. They allow His sacrifice to pour into our lives. They invite divine power into our very being. Heavenly Father makes covenants with those He loves, and they are available to all.

I love this Gospel. I know it works. I hope we all can try to be a little closer to Heaven this week.


-TOUKLEY TRADE OFF!!!!! I went back to Toukley and I went with my toko Sister Koi! We had a fantastic day. Catching up, learning from how our missionary skills have developed, and building our testimonies. The best part was a fantastic lesson with Susan (my Filipina BFF who is coming back to church) and her husband! He's not a member and he normally doesn't participate in lessons, but during our lesson he stayed engaged and tears filled his eyes as he talked about his family. It was amazing! 

Also we went to see my dear Lisa! She's still progressing towards baptism. So many circumstances are trying to hold her back but she knows it is true and is doing all she can to be baptized! Her faith is incredible. She also may have given me heaps of curry & chocolate but I can't remember.... ;)

-While I was on trade off with Sister Nelson, we opened the gate of a less actives house and I see a giant dog slowly preying toward us. Sister Nelson had already started to walk in, and I just go "Sister Nelson. Slowly walk towards me." She looks behind her and sees this giant dog and runs out and closes the gate. The dog continued to stalk over to us slowly and we were kinda freaked out, but next minute he's chilling at the door and we're petting him. Hahah, false alarm! The best part was having a funny ice breaker story when we met his owner for the first time! :) 

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