Sunday, May 1, 2016


G'day family & friends!  (No pics came through)

So sorry for the lack of email last week. Sister Panmongkol and I were down in Sydney and it was hectic. But it has been a FANTASTIC two weeks here in Charlestown. I hope it has been equally fantastic for y'all! 

Here in Aussie we've been celebrating Anzac day! It's a holiday celebrating the Australian/New Zealand Army and on this day everyone is friendly and nostalgic and suddenly Australia is a much more religious country. It is magical.

(view as we were walking back to the car from the morning service we went to in Dudley)

It was such a wonderful day. People's hearts had truly softened! We were able to talk to so many incredible people. We learned more about the rich history of this country, and the diverse people who make it great. I made a a little more room in my heart for Australia on April 26th. 

It was beautiful to see Australia go back to it's roots. I felt the spirit of this country. And I know that this country is one that is founded on eternal principles. A lot of people here have forgotten, denied, or just become too busy for God. But on Anzac day, their hearts were stirred to remembrance. I know that He is "mindful of every people" (Alma 26:37) . I know His plan is for all of us. Each soul we set our eyes on is precious. I invite you all to learn more about Christ's Atonement. Remember Him. Don't wait to be reminded. The Plan of Salvation is more merciful than it seems. It is more undeserved, and loving than we can understand. Please remember the promises of the Lord in your life. 

I love you and I am so grateful to know we are all in His care. 


-Have I mentioned Anzac day? Honestly one of the most fun, most effective days of my mission. People everywhere. The Spirit EVERYWHERE! Spirit led finding. Milo, & vegemite. Beautiful views, and time remembering those who have sacrificed. Such a special day. #fairdinkum

-Trade off with Sister Salvador! :) We used to live together in the Emu Plains flat and we now live together again! We had a great day together! Talking to everyone, developing relationships with members, and learning from each other. I love her so much! #MAHALKITA!!!!

-Fia came to Charlestown this week and took Sister Panmongkol and I out for lunch. It was so good to see her! She is an amazing example of what an RM should look like. 

-One day this week, Sister Panmongkol and I were struggling to feel motivated. We decided we would sing a hymn to invite the spirit. She immediately opened her hymn book to "Be Still My Soul". We felt the spirit! We knew Heavenly Father guided us to sing this hymn. I said, "can you open your hymn book randomly to one more hymn?" She opened her hymn book straight to "Let Us All Press On". We were laughing so hard, we couldn't get past the first line "Let us all press on in the work of the Lord."  #VerySubtleHeavenlyFather It was a great example of how He'll always be there to help us keep going! :) 

Hope you all have a great week. Fear not! Press on. We can do it! :)

Chan rak kun,

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