Sunday, May 8, 2016

Family & Food LOL #outofemailtitles

Sawadeeka family & friends!

I hope you all have had a wonderful Mother's Day! We are all so blessed for the wonderful women in our lives. 

It was amazing to get to talk to my parents today. Yesterday in church as we sang the words to "Families Can Be Together Forever" the words pierced my heart. 

"I always want to be with my own family, and the Lord has shown me how I can"

I want to add my testimony, to the final testimony born at conference by our beloved Elder L. Tom Perry. He said: 

"Let me close by bearing witness (and my nine decades on this earth fully qualify me to say this) that the older I get, the more I realize that family is the center of life and is the key to eternal happiness."

The center of life and the key to eternal happiness. Wow. Although I am not nearly as qualified with a mere two decades on this earth, I truly believe the words Elder Perry shared with us. 

For those who know us closely, you are probably aware that the Froemming family is far from perfect. Let's be honest, we're still working towards normal - perfect isn't really on our radar yet. But the things that I have learned from my family have been essential to my mission and my life. I could not have learned the lessons that I've learned in my home any where else. Sure, I have grown and learned so much as a missionary. But really every principle that I've learned here is just a magnification of something that I initially learned in my home. I testify that the relationships we build in this life are precious. They are eternal, and their value is immeasurable. I know that the love we experience in this life, in these beautiful, wonderful, imperfect relationships is in similitude of the beautiful, wonderful, perfect love the Saviour has for us. 

As I ponder my incredible family, my heart swells with gratitude for the Saviour, Jesus Christ. I know that's it's through Him that everything we experience in our families can work together for our eternal good. I testify that through Him, wounds can be healed, faults can be forgiven, chaos can turn to peace, and families really can be together forever.

I encourage each of you to set goals to either 1. set goals to become an eternal family or 2. look within yourself to see how you can create more harmony within your home. 

I love you all so much. Thank you for being like family to me. 


-Everyday, Sister Panmongkol & I have adventures. I love missionary work with her! #SoPMG

  -Heavenly Father is a master teacher. He taught me some pretty big lessons this week in a hilarious way that deeply impacted me. He truly knows us all so well.

-The view from our flat. I can't complain. #NewcastleNoHassle

-Trade off with Sister Bagnos! She is a gem. Honestly she is so amazing. Such a powerful sister. She's from the Philippines and she's so sweet. You constantly feel the spirit with her. (She reminds me so much of Sister Mapuhi! haha) We had an amazing miracle filled trade off. :) 

-Sister Salvador's birthday! Sister Panmongkol and I woke up early and decorated the flat. And then Sister Bagnos & I suprised her with Filipino food for dinner. (They fed me blood chicken btw but I loved it so it's all good). 

-Samoan feed. ("You're the first white person I've seen eat with their hands") 

The Samoan less active who always feeds us and shares her testimony with us came to church on Sunday!!! It was amazing to see her at church. Everything finally felt right with Sister Mose there :) Her husband has been coming back for a few weeks and seeing them together on Sunday was amazing. 

I love you all! Hope you have an AMAZING week! :)

Rak na,
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