Sunday, July 3, 2016

Luck of the Irish

Bonjour & Dia duit!

You might be wondering, why I am saying hello in French and Irish. The simple answer is I'm temporarily in a trio with the lovely Sister Dorman from Ireland. #TRIOLIFEISTHEBEST #Blessed 

(Sorry for the lack of Sister Vaiho, she's really popular and has heaps of emailing to do)

It has been a great week. I hope everyone is doing well and getting ready to celebrate the country of the Restoration! 

I have felt this new peace. Maybe it's not new at all, it's really always been there. But the effect it's having on my life feels new. It's not hard to recognise the source of this peace. I think we all know that it comes from Jesus Christ. From the Plan of Salvation. It is accessible to all of us as we live the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I wish I had the time and the words to share with you what I've observed from those we meet and their beliefs. But all I do have time to share is that I know that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is real. It requires faith, repentance, priesthood power, ordinances, and covenant keeping. It was established long ago. It is the same Gospel that was taught to Adam and revealed to Prophets called by God ever since. It truly is the pathway to peace.

I invite you all to renew your testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. If your not sure if it's true, that's okay. Please evaluate your life, and say a heartfelt prayer to our God who loves you. If you feel you can declare with absolute conviction that it's true, that's okay too. Please humbly kneel before your Heavenly Father and ask Him to teach you something, to deepen your understanding, and to stir your heart to remembrance. 

I love you. I truly do love all of you. Whoever you are, you're my family. It's cheesy but I can't deny that it is true. I try to imagine the people we teach as my own blood. I try to imagine my Brother, Jesus Christ, wrapping them in His arms and wiping their tears. How can we love God and not love each other? 

I only preach to you each week because I want you to be happy. And the only way I know to be truly happy is to live the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Keep trying. You are infinitely loved by the Divine. In fact, you, yourself, are divine. 


-I went on a trade off with my pepe. My precious, Sister 'Ete'aki! I feel like she is my actual child which is terrible unhealthy but I love it. She still calls me mama and speaks baby Tongan with me. She is companions with Sister Salvador. Way back in Emu Plains days, we all used to live together. She is an amazing missionary! She loves the people, loves the work. And it's amazing to see how she's grown.

-I got a fourth of July package which made me BEYOND happy! :)

-We are teaching this 7 year old who is getting baptised and it's a pretty amazing experience. I love seeing what she understands and the faith that she already has.

-We had an amazing conference this week with President and Sister Checketts. They are so inspired!

Have a great week!
Je t'aime & is gra liom!

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