Sunday, July 17, 2016

Ofa From Sova


That's right everyone, I have another Tongan companion. 
Say hello to the lovely Sister Taholo!

My companion is amazing. She is so humble, she's always smiling, she has a powerful testimony of the Gospel, and she is a hard worker. I'm so excited for this new transfer in Winston Hills with Sister Taholo! #TonganHoaKIAI 

This week I have l feel a fresh gratitude for Christ's Atonement, particularly the healing power of His sacrifice.

I love the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I love being a missionary. I love these people. This week I have really felt the healing power that the Gospel has. The Gospel can seem complicated, but truly it is so simple. It is the good news. It is that Jesus Christ has provided a way. No matter what trials you are currently facing, He has already provided a way for you to succeed. Hope without end. 

The Gospel of Jesus Christ is simply access to His Atonement. It is our ointment. It is our healing. It is our forgiveness. It is our strength. 

Please center your life around this understanding. And if you don't have this understanding, seek it. We must live our lives in a way that allows us to continually receive the healing we need. He is before us, arms outstretched. And all He requires is for us to live the Gospel. To have faith, to repent, to make and keep covenants, and then to endure joyful to the end. It doesn't happen all at once, but as we do these things we are healed. Step by Step. Day by day. (Stop singing the theme song to Step by Step in your head) Prayer by prayer. 

If you are hurting, if you are filled with bitterness, if you feel hopeless, if the weight of your trial seems to great, or if you are the happiest you've ever been in your life, it doesn't matter. The answer has always been and will always be His Atonement. And we can partake of the blessings of His sacrifice as we simply live the Gospel. 

I love you all. I invite you to do whatever the Spirit has prompted you to do while reading this. 


-What a crazy week. We were all sick. Sister Tuala was especially not feeling well. One day, while we were out, we got a call from Sister Checketts asking us to get some medicine for Sister Tuala. When we came home. I see our District Leader and his companion in our flat. Elder Khon is cooking special Cambodian food to make Sister Tuala better. I just could not stop laughing the whole time. It was quite the sight. 

-Sister Taholo and I had so much finding this week. We met so many amazing people. Including a Tongan less active at the train station! 

Winston Hills District! 

-I love the sisters I live with. They are the best. They are funny, obedient, and hard working. Nobody can make me laugh faster than these ladies. #manukaaaaaava

-I love teaching with Sister Taholo! She is so bold. We are trying our best to get these people progressing. 

-It is amazing watching people change and grow. The recent convert we are working with, Marilyn, is doing so well. It's such a blessing to be a part of her journey. 

Have a great week everyone!
Ofa atu,

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