Sunday, August 14, 2016

Chocolate & Prayers: A Guide to Healing

Malo lelei family & friends!

I hope everyone is doing well! It has been another crazy, wonderful week in Winston Hills. I can't really explain how much I love missionary work.

Honestly, this has been a tough week. There have been a few unexpected trials popping up. But I felt Heavenly Father's love in abundance. There was a day this week where Sister Taholo and I were just overwhelmed. We felt like we had nothing to give anyone else. We were kind of off in our teaching and we knew that we needed to figure something out. 

We said a prayer and then decided to go to the park and finish our weekly planning (because the past few weeks we haven't time to have a good weekly plan). As we went to the park and started focusing on the people in our area, I could feel us being refreshed. I could feel the Saviour rejuvenating our spirits. We also found opportunities to teach as we spotted different people at this park that we could talk too. After we left, we had better plans and new determination. 

I know it's simple, but I don't really know how to put into words what a miracle this was. If it weren't for Christ, I would've have continued on with weary, half hearted efforts, or I would've given up on this day all together. But because of Christ, we were guided to know exactly where to go and what to do that would minister relief to our souls while allowing us to keep working. We really didn't know that weekly planning was the answer to our prayers for help, but He did. 

Hopefully this example is conveying some part of what I feel. Never give up. Work is never the enemy, it is the answer. Trials are not punishment, they are medicine for pride. Being broken is okay, because it means that we acknowledge that we need Christ to heal us.

I love the Gospel. I love all of you. Keep trying!  


-This week Sister Taholo were tracting and it was just like not working lol. No one wanted to talk to us. We said a prayer and kept going and found a miracle door! A man answered and said "Hey come back in one hour, my wife will want to talk to you."

We were soooo happy! We knocked for a bit longer and met some more potentials, went to a members real quick and got a block of NZ chocolate that changed my life, and then returned to meet the wife. She was absolutely not at all interested in talking to us lol. But we kept sharing and showing respect and before we knew it, she was interested and asking questions. It was amazing to see the spirit soften her heart. 

-Before mentioned NZ chocolate. 

-trade off with Sister Tuala. She is the cutest lady from Samoa. She is so humble and quiet and surprisingly hilarious. Also such a testimony of someone sacrificing because they love the Lord.

-trade off with Sister Ceff. She is from Victoria, she is lovely. She is very soft spoken and quiet so I talked her ears off for 24 hours and we helped each other to use our strengths in missionary work! This is her first transfer so we had a great time learning more about pushing ourselves to talk to everyone! A fantastic sister.

-I can bear my testimony in Tongan now. #tryingtogototheTonganwardLOL

-Interviews with President are always a blessing! #SisterCheckettscookiesthough

-Celia came to church again this week!!!!! 

-Leilani (the 7 year old we were preparing for baptism) is now 8 and a baptised member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints! It was a happy day. 

Have a great week everyone! 
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