Monday, August 1, 2016


Malo lelei family & friends!

I hope you are all doing great! :)

Today I went to the temple. I know it is the house of God. I love the Plan of Salvation. I love learning everything I can about it. I know that it is what's real. It is true. I know it's true because it is us. It's our story. He's our Saviour. 

What I am learning right now is that opposition is so important. Remember how last week I wrote how we can always choose to be happy? This week my companion and I were humbled haha. We had some hard days. But oh how they taught us! Oh how they brought us to our knees. Oh how they sweetened the miracles we saw. I am so grateful for opposition. Even if it sometimes seems unrelenting. I know that when I am experiencing opposition, I'm getting the most out of my Earthly experience! Opposition is central to our Plan. It's only through opposition that we came into this world, and it's only through opposition that we'll make it to our Father's presence again. If you are struggling, I invite you to look heavenward and smile. Pass through this trial. Rely on the Saviour and not your own strength. If we do it with Him, we will grow. 

I am reminded of when I used to take ballet lessons from Marina Medvetskya. A lovely but harsh Russian woman who often visited my dance studio. I used to tell my mom "She picks on me! She's always correcting me. She singles me out and makes me work harder then everyone else!" And my mom would say "She wouldn't do that unless she saw potential for you to become better." I feel something similar sometimes happens with our Heavenly Father. But in a more loving, less Russian kind of way.1 Nephi 20:10.


-Trade off with Sister Wilson. She is AMAZING! She makes me laugh, her testimony makes me cry. She can talk to everyone. She speaks 4 going on 5 languages. She is so dear to me! I learned so much with her. "You get out of life what you put into it."

my comp teaching the exotic bird who
landed during studies

-My companion is a gift. She is helping me and this area so much! I have a strong testimony that when missionary companionships are aligned with each other and with the Saviour, hell shakes. Relationships take work but we truly need each other. 


-The work can be frustrating, but we have seen so many miracles. Just when we feel like giving up the miracles come. And when I step back and look at how blessed I am, I realise that miracles are truly EVERYWHERE! 

-We had an amazing lesson on the Book of Mormon with a GENUINELY INTERESTED PREPARED PERSON! Wow. It was amazing. He is moving to Queensland in a few days, but it was still such a miracle. I have just really been savouring teaching the gospel lately. It is a privilege. 

-I love being alive, I love being a disciple of Jesus Christ.

I hope you all have a fantastic week!

Ofa atu,

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