Thursday, August 25, 2016

Nofa aa

Malo lelei family and friends!!!! 

I hope you all are happy and well! :)

It has been a great week here in Winston Hills. Sister Taholo and I have been privileged to see some great miracles! We just decided we weren't going to let a single person by without trying to interact and invite! We saw success! I testify that we are happiest when we give our all!

I truly love this area sooo much. I have loved getting to work in this ward. Such amazing leadership, such willingness to serve. I know great things will continue to happen here.

But, I won't be here to see them. Because I'm getting transferred! I'm going to Greenwich ward. It's the closest to the city I've ever been! Still in the suburbs though. Heaps of Asian people. President said there are about half a million people in the ward boundaries, so there is a ridiculous amount of potential. I am so excited to start working there! My new companion will be a new missionary. I will meet her on Thursday

I love this work. I love the Saviour so much. I trust Him. I know He is always there for us.


-Agnese! We knocked randomly on her door and she was on the phone, she casually said "Sisters, can you come back in 30 minutes?" We were so surprised but agreed. We kept knocking and accidentally met a less active who was praying for help and was so happy we came! Then we went back to Agnese, she immediately invited us in, told us about her Mormon family in Utah, cooked for us, and then received our message! 

-Trade off with Sister Hedger!!!!! She is from Adelaide and absolutely amazing. Such a genuine, dedicated sister. We also got to go back to Central Coast which was pretty cool. 

-I also had a trade off with Sister Tapusoa who is my grand daughter! haha Sister 'Ete'aki is training her. She is from New Zealand and she is amazing! She really loves the work. Such a funny, hard working sister.

-Sister Taholo. What can I say! It's been such an amazing 6 weeks with this lovely companion. I truly love her so much. I am going to miss her HEAPS. But I'm so grateful to have been able to serve with her. Such a tapuaki. #ofaLAHIatu #ofaanga 

 -The sisters I've lived with have been the best. I have loved living with and serving with them!

-President invited us to come to the mission home for the transfer call. It was us, President, the Assistants, and Sister Checketts. I said the opening prayer over the phone. It was pretty cool to see the behind the scenes. Some very funny moments that I didn't expect haha.

-Winston Hills has kind of been a blur, but along the way I've met some really incredible people. Especially the members! I will really miss them. 

I hope everyone has a great week! 
Ofa lahi atu,

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