Sunday, August 28, 2016

Nihao From Down Under

Sawadeeka family & friends!

I hope you all had a fantastic week! It's been an adventure here in Greenwich. The area is SO different than anywhere I've ever served. Majority of the people here a Asian, mostly Chinese. Hardly any white people. And heaps of Uni (College) students! The work moves fast here because these people are prepared. It's such a fun area to work! And what I love is that there is always, always, always something to do and somewhere to be. Honestly, I feel so inadequate working in this kind of area.That is why Heavenly Father blessed me with an incredible companion! 

Sister Ruengurai from Thailand! She is energetic, open, friendly, caring, and hard working! I can't explain how much her example helps me. I am so blessed with this one! I know that there are big things that need to happen in this area. Heavenly Father has put both of us here for a reason. Because we both need to learn, and because He has given us gifts and skills that the people here need too.

Challenges are gifts from God. How grateful I am to have opportunities to be out of my comfort zone each day! It is such a blessing to have weaknesses, they tether us to Christ. They remind us of our dependence on His grace. I testify that when we acknowledge our weaknesses and turn to our Saviour, we can be made strong. 


-My two day trio adventure with Sister Money & Sister Chao. Two of my new most favourite human beings in the world who I now live with.

-Andrew Houseman!!!! He is an incredible investigator! He is Chinese but he speaks with a British accent. He loves everyone and is fellow shipping the 5 other missionary companionship's investigators haha. He has such real intent and fantastic questions! He is working towards baptism but feels he needs time. 

-Our area is beautiful and exciting! Asian shops, chic buildings, the occasional city views. It's pretty fantastic.

-The past sisters who served here have done such great work. They have made it so much easier for Sister R & I to come in and pick up where they left off. We are so grateful for their diligence and sacrifice! #dorman #koi #ballif

-I eat delicious Thai food courtesy of my companion for basically every meal. So blessed.

-The fantastic ward! We were welcomed warmly. It's a small ward. A mix of older, established Aussie families, young Asian recent converts, and American immigrants lol. Also one of the coolest chapels I've seen.

-The work here is so wonderful. 

I hope you all have a great week! 
Rak na, 

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